10 Firefox Beginners

Firefox can be real fun for the beginners when you get to know some cool tips and tricks. You can play around with the hot keys and get amazing results. Lets check out the top ten tips and tricks in firefox:

1. Ctrl – 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
Lets say you have 4 tabs opened in Firefox. And you want to go directly to the 3rd tab. You just need to press Alt–3. Hey! It takes you to the 3rd page. In this way Alt-1 will take you to the first tab, Alt-2 to the second, and so forth.

2. Shift – Click a link
If you are working on a page and want to keep the current location while browsing another, use Shift while you click on a link. The new page will open in an another window.

3. Ctrl – T
Ctrl–T launches a new tab in the same window, which comparatively consumes very less memory than a new browser window. For a new window, use Ctrl-N.

4. Ctrl – W
Ctrl–W closes current tab.

5. Ctrl – Enter
Just type in middle portion of a website (without www and .com) and press Ctrl – enter. It will take you to the website. So this way you don’t have to type the whole address and still it takes you to the required website.

6. Alt – D
You are on a web page and you want to go to a different web page on the same window. Without even touching the mouse what you can do is just press Alt–D and the exiting URL gets highlighted. You can just overwrite the address there. Bingo!! It replaces by the new page.

7. F11
Press F11 and see the magic. It adds 25% more viewing area to your screen. F11 hides the title bar, menu bar, address bar, and status bar. Press F11 again to get back to the regular view.

8. Backspace
You want to go to the previous page from the existing one? Just need to press the backspace on the keyboard button instead of looking out for the mouse. Makes the job so easy.

9. Ctrl – K
There is an integrated Google search on the right hand side of the address bar. Once you press Ctrl-K you can see the cursor blinking in the Google search bar and you can look for the next web page.

10. Ctrl – D
You like a web page and you want to save it for future reference. You just need to press Ctrl–D and the Add Bookmark page will appear. Just press enter and the page will be saved.

All this just makes your life so easier as a beginner in Firefox.

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