71 New Secret Commands for Google

In the past, I wrote several articles to present you the hidden operators available for Google’s search engine that allow you to find your information easier. Take for example filetype:mp3 that helps you search only for mp3 files so your search query time is obviously reduced. Today, the Search Bistro blog posted an article to announce 71 new search operators included in Google’s technology meant to help users find information easier. “It’s not perfect, but hey, it’s new. Google accepts all kind of new search words. Type employees and a name of a company in Google. Now you know: Yahoo has more employees then Google. Says who? Wikipedia. Google recognizes the keywords from the info box on many pages. But that’s not all,” Search Bistro reported.

Most of the new keywords are especially designed for countries, companies or music groups, helping you find information quick and easy. Let me present some of the most interesting operators mentioned on the blog:

  • airports country: displays the number of the airports in a certain country
  • constitution country: shows the vote date of the Constitution for a specified country
  • economy country: returns useful information about the economy of a certain country
  • ethnic group country: the ethnic group rate for a territory
  • flag description country: the description of a certain flag
  • founded company: shows the year when a company was founded
  • geographic coordinates country: the geographic coordinates for a certain country
  • headquarters company: the location of the headquarters for a desired company
  • independence country: shows the year when the independence was proclaimed for a certain country
  • internet users country: the number of the internet users in a specified country
  • legal system country: shows the legal system for the country
  • military branches country: displays the military branches in a country
  • national holiday country: shows the national holiday for a certain country

For the entire list of the new operators included in Google, you should check the articles posted by Search Bistro available on this link.

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