It’s very simple for users to add a little more speed to their browsing, even when using Internet Explorer 9, a browser at the top of the performance game.

Customers can easily accelerate their workflow by turning to keyboard shortcuts which are designed to streamline repetitive tasks.

For me, and I’m sure there are others out there, keyboard shortcuts are extremely addictive, and some of them have become reflexes, almost.

And while there are quite a few in Windows that I cannot do without, fact is that most of them are associated with the browser.

They save plenty of time, as in certain conditions performing specific actions using the mouse can be a tad cumbersome in comparison to just hitting a combination of keys.

Below users will find a list of no less than 9 keyboard shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9, which I’m sure will be put to good use.

The shortcuts simplify interacting with IE9 extensively. Customers will be able to spend less time and effort when performing certain tasks, and using Internet Explorer 9 will become even more of a delight.

Users of rival browsers will undoubtedly recognize some of the shortcuts for IE9. This is because while the IE team focused on delivering the best browser they could, they still wanted for elements of the browsing experience to remain familiar and consistent.

IE9 is in Beta since mid-September 2010, and downloads continue to be available even at this point in time.

A very broad Beta, the first public Build of IE9 is a must try for users that want to experience first-hand how much IE evolved.

And while browsing, make sure to turn to the following shortcuts, some of them are real life savers.

1. Ctrl+L – put focus in the one box for navigating (type URLs) (Bonus: use trailing slash on single words to force navigate to intranet site, eg. myserver/ will navigate to http://myserver/)

2. Ctrl+E – put focus in the one box for searching (type search terms)

3. Ctrl+J – bring up the View downloads window

4. Ctrl + and Ctrl – to zoom in/out (Bonus: Ctrl+0 – (that’s ctrl zero) return zoom to 100%)

5. Ctrl+Shift+N – pull the existing tab out into a new window (Bonus: use with Window+left/right arrow for pop-out and snap)

6. Ctrl+M (for ‘move’ tab) – Switch to the IE window where you want the tab, use with Ctrl+Shift+M to move the tab you selected before into the current window

7. Ctrl+W to close the current tab (Bonus: Ctrl+Shift+T to undo close tab)

8. Ctrl+(1 – 9) switches to the open tab # from left to right (Bonus: Ctrl+9 always switches to last tab on right, no matter how many open tabs)

9. Alt+N – gives focus to the notification bar (Bonus: after alt+N, Enter accepts first button in the bar, Esc dismisses the bar).

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Build 9.0.7930.16406 is available for download here.

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