A Real Production my.cnf File For MySQL Server

This is a copy of the mysql config files ( /etc/my.cnf ) I use for my production servers, this same configuration has been tested on a high traffic site, a forum server on vbulletin php software with over 1.2 million posts and over 2,000 concurrent users 24 hours a day. Also ive used this same configuration on another production server that manages over 15 high traffic and high data volume mysql databases.

I hope it helps, please notice this has been tested on MySQL server.

max_connections = 500
key_buffer = 16M
myisam_sort_buffer_size = 64M
join_buffer_size = 1M
read_buffer_size = 1M
sort_buffer_size = 2M
table_cache = 1024
thread_cache_size = 64
wait_timeout = 1800
connect_timeout = 10
max_allowed_packet = 16M
max_connect_errors = 10
query_cache_limit = 1M
query_cache_size = 32M
query_cache_type = 1

open_files_limit = 8192

max_allowed_packet = 16M

key_buffer = 64M
sort_buffer = 64M
read_buffer = 16M
write_buffer = 16M



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