Unlike non-subscription version of Office 2010, subscription flavors of the productivity suite require not only the initial activation, but also subsequent reactivations for the entire duration of the license.

Microsoft will be offering Office Professional Plus 2010 as a part of its Cloud productivity offering Office 365, and in tune with the service-based approach, the Office 2010 variant will only be available to customers as long as they pay the company a subscription.

“During the installation process, Office Professional Plus will automatically check the licensing and activate the product,” Microsoft informed.

“The license assigned to Office Professional Plus subscribers is valid for 30 days. The Office Subscription Agent evaluates the subscription once a month. If the subscription is still valid, the product is reactivated for another 30 days.”

It’s imperative that the Office Subscription Agent identify a valid license within 30 days of the last activation.

Otherwise the copy of Office Professional Plus 2010 enters what Microsoft calls a 30-day “grace period.”

Users that downloaded and installed the free trial releases of Office 2010 RTM are familiar with the grace period, namely a limited period of time in which the product is fully functional, even if it han;t been activated.

And just like those running the free versions of Office 2010, customers with Office Professional Plus 2010 will have their copies of the productivity suite enter Reduced Functionality Mode if the Office Subscription Agent cannot find a valid subscription for 60 days.

“When the product enters Reduced Functionality Mode, users can reactive Office Professional Plus by connecting the PC to the Internet and ensuring that the licenses are active.

“When these conditions are met, users can type either of the following commands in a command prompt or the Run dialog box:

• OSAUI.exe /K (reactivates the Microsoft Online account associated with the password previously entered).

• OSAUI.exe /F (reactivates a different Microsoft Online account),” Microsoft added.

Office Home and Business 2010 RTM Build 14.0.4760.1000 is available for download here.

Office Home and Student 2010 RTM Build 14.0.4760.1000 is available for download here.

Office Professional 2010 RTM Build 14.0.4760.1000 is available for download here.

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