Adding password to a confidential word document could be required some times when you don’t want anyone to peek and see those confidential details.

You can easily add password to word document so that no one except those who know the password could open that word document.

Adding a password to a new or existing word document is same, and it is same with all the Microsoft office versions. Follow the procedure given below to add a password to a word document.

Open the word document or create a new one, now click File >> Save As option to save that document, this will open a new dialog box which ask you to give the name to this document.

Now enter the password to document, with which it will protected, you can also make this document as read only as shown, this way it can be read but cannot be edited.

This way your word document will be safe and protected with password required to open and view.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Hi Jason,

    Adding password protection to documents is easy to do with Office 2010. Thank you for sharing this feature with your readers.

    We’d love to have you join the Office community on Facebook, I’m sure the folks over there would like to hear all your tips and tricks in Office 2010 applications.

    Microsoft Office Outreach

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