Some of the Windows 7 users reported the problem with third party Bluetooth dongle which they are not able to use with windows 7, even after installing the drivers Bluetooth does not work with windows 7.

Most of the problems are with 64 bit windows 7 with which some of Bluetooth dongles are not working properly.

If your Bluetooth devices do not work correctly on a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, then you might want to apply this hotfix from Microsoft and see if it helps you.

In this case, these are some issues you may encounter

* The Bluetooth Support Service cannot start after you restart the computer. Additionally, Bluetooth devices do not work correctly.

* When you search for Bluetooth devices in Control Panel, the search operation may not finish. Additionally, you may notice that the progress bar seems to never finish and the pointer remains at an hourglass.

Microsoft has recently released a hotfix to fix this issue on some of the windows 7, as this issues occurs on windows 7 computers after installing Bluetooth adapter.

then applying this Fix308817 may help you.

Visit KB980396 for details.

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