Until recently the old computers could only be wired to the Internet. Wires are not only messy but also limit the placement of your computer in the house. But now there is a way of connecting your old computers (even Pentium II) to a wireless network, just like any other brand new devise with a built in WiFi.

Things You’ll Need: Internet connection, Modem, Computer to be connected, Wireless router, Wireless USB adapter (cCompatible with the operating system of your computer)

Step 1:
Remove all the old Internet connections from your computer, including the telephone line and cables.

Step 2:
Before inserting the Wireless USB adapter in to the USB port insert the CD that came with it. Do not insert the adapter first.

Step 3:
Follow the instructions on the screen after the CD is installed.

Step 4:
Now insert the Wireless USB adapter into any of the available USB ports. A window will pop up on the screen and will search for the available network connections. If there are many available (sometimes your neighbor’s) select your connection and click connect.

Step 5:
Enter the network key, if required. The network key can be obtained from your main hub computer that is connected to your wireless router. Open your network advisor on your hub computer and click on the tab ‘Actions’ click the link that says ‘Add more computers’ and follow the instructions on the screen. At the end it will give you a 16 digit number that you will have to write down. This is your network key that you will need to enter in the computer that you are adding to the wireless network.


  1. Marcus says:

    I dont get it, has this ever been a problem? Install the drivers and plug in?
    I have a couple of old computers, the oldest a 166Mhz MMX that connects via a PCI WIFI-card and I have never ran into any problems. I think your just stupid.

  2. alvin says:

    how to use this wifi,i can’t understand the manual…should i buy a wireless usb wifi device that connect to wifi in plug to my computer???please reply this is my email sarangheriz@yahoo.com

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