Sometimes, problems can occur after the installation of a new program or device. You can use System Protection to restore your computer to a previous point in time when such problems do occur.

System Protection is enabled by default in Windows. Although not recommended, you can disable System Protection. Given that the restore points used to return your computer to a previous state consume disk space, some people may choose to turn the feature off.

If you decide to disable System Restore, you can do so using these steps:

1. Right click My Computer and click Properties.

2. From the System Properties window, click the System Protection tab.

3. Select the drive for which you want to disable System Protection and click Configure.

4. Click Turn off system protection.

5. Click OK.

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  1. dingbat says:

    That only half does the job.
    You need to do it in the task scheduler as well along with a list of other secret running programs

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