Do You Want to Increase Your Internet Speed?

A fast PC has little to do with the Internet speed up situation. Oftentimes, making simple adjustments to a computer will enable it to load web pages faster.

Clearing the clutter that gets downloaded into the PC or switching to a better Internet service provider that does not clog up PCs will often do the trick. But achieving an Internet speed up necessitates a number of things.

Internet Speed Up Pointers

The download speed often boils down to how well and how efficiently a site was created by its website designer. Many websites aren’t organized enough to allow for quick downloads. Some of them feature content that take ages to load, hence the sluggish Internet speed. Here are Internet speed up tips you should know that can help speed up download activities.

  • Internet speed up 1: Pick the right modem. Modems for PC users at home are either dialup, DSL or cable. If you’re just going to check emails and browse the Net, 56k dialup modems will do. But for playing games, downloading music or movies, DSL or a cable modem will be better. Dialups are sorted into 56k, 22k and 33k. Cable is typically 100k-400k while DSL is around 100k-500k. Picking the right modem in any case is an important factor to connection speed and reliability.
  • Internet speed up 2: Have clean and highly efficient web browsers. Adding different stuff to the browser can cause Internet speed slowdowns since it utilizes energy that the PC would otherwise be using to speed up connections. Add-ons can offer useful functionality, but make sure that they have no known problems before installing them.
  • Internet speed up 3: Close those windows. Too many open windows at the same time will definitely slow down Internet speed. Having lots of windows open means more energy wasted on reading what’s in those windows – energy that could be better spent to speed up surfing experience. A second aspect is that many web pages use dynamic refresh functionality. So even if your browser window (or tab) is not the one you are looking at, it can actually take up bandwidth. The amount of memory, both RAM and Video memory is also related to the number of WIndows and applications opened. And less available memory means less performance.
  • Internet speed up 4: Want a cookie? Cookies track people’s movements online. Although they’re generally safe, these tiny spies do slow down Internet browsing. Too many cookies means the folder containing the cookies will have a lot of small files, which actually makes disk access slow and cause fragmentation. So every time the cookies are accessed, it will take more time than desired. Speed up your PC by deleting the cookies selectively. When deleting cookies, check that you’re not deleting those you need in order to access sites that require users to save the cookies on the PC.
  • Internet speed up 5: Have high-quality phone lines. People living in very old structures that have inefficient telephone lines often have poor Internet speed. The connection quality (read: cable quality) can really impact the maximum speed your modem can operate at. This btw goes hand-in-hand with your modem selection, quality modems will be less affected by a lesser quality line.
  • Internet speed up 6: Have great hardware, software and processors. The processors are small chips that interpret the Internet signals into recognizable text, pictures, images and sounds. What good is a good modem if you’re unable to process the information quickly? RAM or computer memory is also essential to speeding up Internet connection. An un-crowded hard drive is likewise important. Clean up your PC regularly and run defragmentation software.
  • Internet speed up 7: Avoid overcrowding the system. Installing too many games or applications will slow down Net speed. Systems that fail to handle the amount of energy needed by the extra programs will likely encounter speed issues. See to it that the PC system isn’t full or overcrowded. A particular important aspect of your PC, or Windows in particular is the registry. All system setting and many program settings are stored in the registry and it will grow and grow. A good registry cleaning tool is essential.

People don’t necessarily have to buy a new PC to have a wonderful Net-surfing experience. Removing some of the clutter in the system will often help speed up download. Getting rid of the junk is an extremely effective Net speedup tip. Consider the above tips when attempting to speed up download and other online activities.

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