It has been more than a month since Mozilla delivered the last development milestone of Firefox 4.0.

This even after the open source browser vendor promised that with Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 out of the way, the remaining Beta releases would be nothing more than routine testing Builds which would not take as much to put together.

But it appears that the development process of the next major iteration of Firefox is still far from a simple walk in the park.

Mozilla has only now managed to deliver a preview of the upcoming Beta of Firefox 4.0, the eight release, just in case users have lost count by now.

Early adopters can grab the Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 Candidate bits from Mozilla’s FTP servers and test drive the release to get an idea of what’s coming in the Beta.

But testers need to bear in mind that this is not the fully fledged Beta 8 of Firefox 4.0, but only still just a nightly release which should be treated as such and not deployed into production.

Users will have to exercise their patience a tad longer, but fortunately enough they now have the Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 Preview to play around with until the full Beta drops.

Still, the actual Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 release is not that far off, and is bound to drop any day now, although Mozilla did not provide a launch deadline.

Moving onward, the open source browser vendor still has to deliver at least two additional Betas of Firefox 4.0 until it will move to the Release Candidate development stage.

In this regard, it’s rather safe to assume that Mozilla won’t get to release Firefox 4.0 to the public until well into 2011.

This is quite a consistent delay, as some users might in fact remember that Firefox 4.0’s initial availability deadline was planned for no later than November 2010.

Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 for download here.

Firefox 4 Beta 7 for Windows is available for download here.

Firefox 4 Beta 7 for Linux is available for download here.

Firefox 4 Beta 7 for Mac is available for download here.

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