A few years ago who would have thought that one day we would be running around with tiny computers in our pockets and bags and instead of hard disc drives, we would be trusting huge volumes of valuable data to titchy microchips?

Okay, so maybe it’s not such a big surprise; most of us have grow up with solid-state memory and saw it coming a fair way off, but in the dash to ditch hard drives there’s one thing we may have overlooked. Hard drives and now incredibly reliable and we usually change computers long before the drives give out.

Solid State Drives or SSDs, on the other hand do tend to have shorter lives, especially in the early days. There are a number of factors that determine an SSD’s life expectancy including how long has been powered up and the number of read-write operations.

If you know how busy an SSD has been you can make an educated guess on how much time it has left, which is where SSDLife comes in. This is a lite version of a more sophisticated paid-for application, even so the freebie edition can tell you lots of useful things about your SSD, including how long it has been used, a check on its general health and an estimation of how long it can be expected to last.

It’s not clairvoyant and can’t tell you exactly when its going to pop its clogs, but if you’ve got a well used netbook or notebook that uses an Intel or OCZ SSD this little utility might just save you a lot of trouble one day.

Download Pro version – 2.3MB

Download freeware version – 1.5MB

Info: ssd-life

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