What will Windows 8? This article we’ve put together all known about the operating system.

Windows 8 will be released when?

According to slides in Windows 8 “holiday” will be released, but it is not clear which holiday. Coding on the schedule that would begin in June, but according to some sources even completed milestone 1 build. IE9 ‘s first beta and Windows Live Wave is shown in the August run.

Chart-scale slides and that the dates have not changed a bit in March 2011 before we consider the beta version of Windows 8, the RTM version will be published in July, immediately after.

Towards the end of 2011 or in Windows 8, output is expected to be the beginning of 2012. Milestone 3 build’e expect Microsoft to depict a date.

RAM, a network-connected TVs, mobile broadband and 4G, such as the spread of information mentioned by some as a result of the year 2012 turns out to be a common point.

According to information recently received from the Netherlands is a Microsoft Windows is 8, the market will take approximately two years.

Windows 8 tablets and application store

Windows 8 Tablets

Leaked slides, the producers are interested in new form factors and seems to try to get a share of the market, the iPad. Microsoft, on-screen keyboard is the promise of major improvements that will have the following properties and says: “easy run, predictive text more accurate, more useful and trading volume increased with an intermediate-to-face” an on-screen keyboard.

Successful way of making windows tablet, depending on the form factor applications with user interfaces go. However, Microsoft 3-dimensional, high-color, sound, touch screens can detect faces and also pays attention to the movements of 3-dimensional body.

Application Shop

Microsoft, Apple is not the only company that attracts the copy: This year the magazine was opened more than 30 applications. With an application store, Microsoft and Internet applications are used to attract the attention of more developers the best place to make the Windows operating system is running.

Store Windows, every PC manufacturer will be optimized for the different ways and markalandırılacak. Your settings and applications, synchronize between PCs. Microsoft does not think to make money from shops and stores in the slides he calls the “profit neutral

Multimedia features

Windows 8, the media executive, and you should record and will be better, thanks to both the battery and the processor more efficient use of hardware acceleration. Sound also will use hardware acceleration and thus will have longer battery life.

Phone or web-camera’s blur, noise disturbance, such as a pre-processing will be correct. Microsoft, HTML5 audio and video content ‘devices close to’ play in a particular trait, such as talking about.

‘Remote image’ feature of the laptop screen, the image might appear on a monitor a wide ..

Microsoft wants to reach 8 to Windows ‘basic’ targets in the “fast switching, fast response, high level of reliability from the beginning” is.

Opening and closing time, except for battery life, Microsoft is also interested in the work done, how much time: until the time of the first e-mail reads, such as your browser’s home page until the last period.

Mobile PCs from sleep ‘instant’ wake up faster thanks to the opening of caching and pre-front is seen. Hibernate feature is currently only 9 percent utilization rate is the Windows shutdown and hibernate session 8 users will have a feature that consisted of a combination. This feature applications such as shutting down your computer is shut down, but the drivers, system services, devices, and a large part of the kernel will cache. When you open the computer, the system will be opened at a time when half the normal starting time.

This will be the default option, but the name “Close and Hibernate” will be. Microsoft currently has not made decision about this option, which will give the name.

8 encrypted on the hard drive will be able to use the Windows BitLocker, and third party security applications, and they may entergre.

Longer battery life to be provided with some important changes made to the core. Windows 8, laptop is connected to the electricity network ‘smart alarms’ due to events such as virus scanning can be done automatically.

OEMs the performance, reliability, security, and will have new tools to test the compatibility of the Windows Logo.

Help and support, recovery capabilities

Help and Support, Windows XP, Windows 7, while keeping the minimum on the link to many tools and had a structure. Operated by the manufacturer of your PC for Windows 8 unified search feature to look for forums and troubleshooters in Windows 7 will have a return and make a way.

The operating system, the processing center will be in connection with the more stringent and PC ‘to show more clearly what is going on and you’ll discover. Which reduce performance of applications through the Application Management Tool will be able to find.

Boot from a pre-recovery be made more simple interface and also with Microsoft’s security mode ‘the system works fine when the last’ capability combined ‘superboot’ name of the property to be issued.

When you set up your computer, start the Windows 8, “all the settings and applications” will be back automatically on install, but it is not clear how much.

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