iPhone 4 is a revolutionary gadget of the year and get a huge success in technology. iPhone 4 has bundle with different new features and technologies. Here you will find the iPhone 4 tips to make FaceTime video calls and conference calls with your friend, family and other peoples.

How To Make FaceTime Video Call using iPhone 4?

iPhone 4’s FaceTime allows user to connect two iPhone 4 on Wi-Fi connection and start video calls. FaceTime Video call uses the front camera and very easy to use. You even don’t need to setup for making FaceTime video calls.

* Go to Contact info of the person you want to have FaceTime Video call
* Tap on the FaceTime button, this will send request to the person.
* Once request is accepted, the FaceTime video call will begin.

If you are making a voice call with a friend and want to convert the call into a FaceTime call, just tap the FaceTime button on the phone screen. When you are on FaceTime call, both the persons will see a picture-in-picture window with image from the other person’s iPhone and the image from your iPhone. You cannot make a conference call when you are on FaceTime video call. Also, when one makes a FaceTime Video call, your phone number will be visible to the other person even if you have blocked your phone number.

What Will Happen if You Lose Wi-Fi Connectivity, When You are on a FaceTime Call?

FaceTime Video call uses the W-Fi connection, so when your Wi-Fi networks become unavailable for some reason, you will ask whether to redial for simple voice call.

How To Switch Between the Frond and Back camera, When You are on a FaceTime Call?

When making a FaceTime video call, iPhone 4 use the front camera but you can switch it to back camera by just tapping at the rotating camera icon at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

How To Switch To Another Application, When You are on a FaceTime Call?

iPhone 4 allows users to switch to use another application, while on a FaceTime call. However, one will not see each other. To use other application, press the Home button, then tap an app icon one wants to use. One can still talk, but wont have the video. To come back to the FaceTime video call, just tap the green bar at the top of the screen.

How To Make Conference Calls in iPhone 4?

iPhone 4 allows users to talk to more than one person at a time. iPhone 4 can allow up to five calls. Here is how to make conference call using iPhone 4.

* Make a phone call.
* Tap “Add Call” and make another call. The first call is put on hold, when you are making another call.
* Tap “Merge Calls” to merge in to one line, so that and everyone on the call can hear each other.
* Repeat this procedure if you want to add more calls.

How to Add an Incoming Call to a Conference Call?

Tap Hold Call to put the current call on hold and answer the incoming call. Then tap on Merge Calls to merge the call to the conference call.

How Many Webpages Can be Opened at a Time in iPhone 4?

iPhone 4 lets user open multiple pages and it allows up to 8 pages open at a time. iPhone 4 also shows the number of pages currently open, inside the page icon at the bottom of the screen. When only one page is open, there will be no number inside the page icon. To navigate between the opened pages, “Tap and flick left or right. Tap the page you want to see”.

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