Fastest Way to Refresh a Page in Firefox

This How To is made for those that refresh pages very often and look for ways to improve their efficiency. It’s a small trick. Ok, there are 3 ways to refresh a page in firefox efficiently:

  1. Pressing F5, this is simple and fast way, requires your finger to press a key.
  2. The RAW refresh is the second most efficient way, it’s used when you want to refresh a page that loads from the cache some images instead of contacting the server. Therefore even you have a new picture on a page you’ll still see the old picture. To RAW refresh press CTRL+R.
  3. The third method is to push the refresh button which is located through the toolbar’s other extensions and buttons.
  4. The fourth and in my opinion the fastest way to refresh a page and the most comfortable because you only use the mouse and you move it very little even comparing it with pushing the refresh button is like this:

Click on the page tab you want to refresh and drag it anywhere on the page. The page will be refresh as soon as you let go. Because you do it with only 1 hand is comfortable, i believe is faster then the refresh button. Try this trick, i’ll believe you’ll like it.

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