Fix Windows and Internet Explorer Missing Files

Internet Explorer has some quirks as we all know. However, if there is any chance that you may uninstall Internet Explorer, there could be some problems. In fact, you may not even be able to start Windows with a full functioning desktop.

Apparently, Internet Explorer version 6 and 7 are not getting along. If you upgrade IE, uninstall, reinstall, or download a version from Yahoo, Google, or Adobe, then you may lose your Windows functions after you shut down your computer. When Windows starts up again, it boots to only a blank desktop screen. A popup window will give an error code of “iertutil.dll is missing or corrupt.” There is not a way to use Windows or see your taskbar. However, we can solve this quickly with the help of another computer and we can prevent this type of situation from happening again with all Windows programs.

You will need to download the missing Internet Explorer iertuyil.dll file online, save this file to disk, and paste it into a specific Windows folder. How can you do this if you can’t operate Windows with a blank desktop? To do this you may need to use your backup computer or any other computer where you can download this file. The free downloaded DLL file is then saved onto a USB drive or other writable media, then paste it within the correct folder.

Here are the steps to getting your Windows functioning again.

  1. Download the missing file here
  2. Unzip iertutil.dll file and save it to a USB or other writable media.
  3. Take the USB or other storage that you saved the file and insert the media into the problem computer.
  4. Push CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up the task manager.
  5. Click NEW TASK–>BROWSE to find the storage drive that you just put in the computer. Navigate in that storage media drive to find the iertutil.dll file and press CTRL C to copy the file.
  6. With the task manager still running, click NEW TASK–>BROWSE–>and enter c:Windowssystem32. Click CTRL V to paste the iertutil.dll file.

It’s very important to consider why this happened to begin with so it will not happen again. New, modified, and affiliate-branded versions of Internet Explorer install on different folders with different files. Be sure to check your computers access to IE before you uninstall, reinstall, or upgrade.

Before making any changes to Internet Explorer please do the following:

  1. Start–>Control panel–>Add or Remove Programs–>Set Program Access and Defaults
  2. Make sure that “Non Microsoft” or a “remove access to IE” in the Custom section is not checked.
  3. Make sure Internet Explorer or other Windows based programs are accessible before you install, uninstall, or modify the program.

If you want to enjoy the benefits with affiliate-branded versions of Internet Explorer such as toolbars or other add-ins, download the feature as a standalone, rather than the Internet Explorer version with the add-in together.

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