Users running Windows Live Photo Gallery on Windows could, in certain scenarios, run into various issues, none of them will get resolved by themselves.

Earlier this December, Microsoft posted or updated no less than 9 Knowledge Base articles designed to help customers resolve Photo Gallery problems.

According to the Redmond company, some of the glitches that users came across impact Photo Gallery when used in conjunction with Windows 7, while others are limited to older releases of Windows, such as Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Obviously, in this regard, the software giant is not referring solely to Windows Live Gallery 2011, but also its predecessor.

Below you will be able to find a list with the Photo Galley KB articles published in December 2010. Make sure to navigate to them in order to access additional information and automated fixes or manual fixes, when available.

1. Can’t download albums in Windows Live Photo Gallery after upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 (KB2009298)

“During the installation of Windows Live Photo Gallery, a registry key that stores the version of Windows Live Photo Gallery is created. However, the registry key is deleted incorrectly during the upgrade process [from Vista to Windows 7].

“Therefore, you are prompted to download and then install Windows Live Photo Gallery again, and cannot download albums,” Microsoft informed.

There is an automated Fix it available for this problem.

2. Computer is slow when Windows Photo Gallery displays TIFF images that do not fit into one page in Windows Vista (KB930097)

“Immediately after the first in a series of images has finished displaying on the screen, Windows Photo Gallery loads the next image. This process is also known as precaching. If the next image is a multipage TIFF file, Windows Photo Gallery processes the complete file.

“This process may take a while and use too many system resources, depending on the size of the TIFF file. This behavior causes slow system performance and a significant increase in the memory usage of the computer,” the company revealed.

An automated Fix it solution has been provided by the Redmond giant.

3. Can’t preview pictures in Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista (KB2415237)

“When you use Windows Photo Gallery to preview images in Windows Vista, you may see a blank screen without an indication of an error,” Microsoft said.

This can also be resolved through a Fix it troubleshooter automatically

4. Color issues in the print preview of an image in Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista (KB2415238)

“When you print preview an image in Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista, the colors of the image may be reversed. Additionally, the colors of the printout may also be reversed,” is noted in the symptoms section for this issue.

A Windows Photo and Slideshow Problems troubleshooter will automatically fix this.

5. Can’t see pictures in a slide show in Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista (KB938818)

“When you start a slide show in Windows Photo Gallery on a computer that is running Windows Vista, pictures in the slide show are not displayed,” the software giant noted.

Users have a Fix it available for this.

6. Windows Live Photo Gallery freezes or does not start (KB944221)

“This issue occurs because a database is corrupted. This database is created by Windows Live Photo Gallery to track photos and videos,” the company revealed.

Microsoft worked to provide an automatic resolve for the problem described above.

7. An image and its background become yellow in Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista (KB939395)

“When you view an image in Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista, the color of the image and its background become yellow,” Microsoft explained.

A Fix it solution has been offered since earlier this month.

8. Image transition issues in Windows Photo Gallery in Windows XP or in Windows Vista (KB930102)

“When you view an image in Windows Photo Gallery in Windows XP or in Windows Vista, the image transition may be choppy,” the company said.

Customers need only head over to the KB article and launch the automatic fix.

9. A screen saver that displays pictures stops working in Windows (KB2425702)

This issue affects Photo Gallery on Windows 7, Vista and XP. As is the case for all the problems above, an automatic Fix it solution has been made available.

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