Forgot Windows Password ? Reset Windows Password

If you forgot your Windows password you will not be able to login to Windows. So what to do in this case ? Is there a way to reset the Windows password ? Answer is yes, there is a way to reset or change the password.

Let’s see how we reset windows password.

There is a convenient way to do it with a Windows NT password recovery CD which can used to reset the password for any account in Windows NT ,Windows 2000 , Windows XP, Windows Vista.

Follow the below steps to reset your Windows password:

1. Download the ISO image from here and burn a CD with this ISO image file.
2. Boot your computer using this bootable CD created in step 1. You may need to set your CD-ROM as first boot device in BIOS in order to boot from it.
3. Once you boot your computer with this CD, you will get a command based interface which is quite self-explanatory. On first screen, press enter key to boot in default mode.
4. After you boot, it gives option, it will show the drive partitions and will give the choice, “Please select the partition number.” Press enter if windows is installed on C drive, else select the appropriate partition.
5. Now it will ask ” What is path of Windows directory ?”, press enter for default value.
6. Now it will show option “Select which part of registry to load” . Type 1 and press enter.
7. This will show the list of users on the windows. Type the name of the user for which you want to reset password and press enter.
8. Now it will show following choices

Clear the password
Edit password
Promote user
Unlock account

Press 1 and press enter.

9. It will show a message ” Password cleared !
10. It will give options to select another user, just type “!” (Exclamation mark) without quotes and press enter.

It will show previous menu, type q and press enter to quit from this menu.

11.Now it will show message ” About to write files back ! Do it ? [n] ” . Type “y” without quotes and press enter. It will show message “Edit Complete.

Note: You can also try again if it somehow failed. New run [n] ” Simple press enter.

12. Remove the bootable CD from the tray and restart your computer.

Password Cleared and Trouble Fixed !

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