We are all creatures of habit and my guess is that you run through pretty much the same routine every day when you boot up your PC.

If you think about it you probably spend a couple of minutes each day loading the same programs, web pages, maybe even the same music playlists, so just think how much time you would save if it could all be done automatically?

Of course there are ways to get Windows to launch applications at boot up, but there is a better way and it’s called Start My Day. This nifty little freeware application fire up your favourite apps, web pages and media using a built-in alarm clock so, for example, if you like to listen to your favourite tunes or watch some videos with a cup of coffee at 11.00 am precisely, just tell Start My Day what you want it to do, and it will be done.

Very neat and simple to use. It was designed for Windows 7 but it seems happy enough in Vista. We had a few problems with it in XP but it may just be us and you might strike lucky so it’s worth a try.

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  1. ovesh says:

    i wnt to down load windows 7

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