How to Change Your Virtual Memory Size and Why

The virtual memory is a portion of your hard disk that acts as RAM memory when your Random Access Memory(RAM) is full. The downside is that is much slower because the access time is determined by the hard disk’s speed. But you need it for those days when you use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, editing a movie and converting some sound files so here is how you can change it.

Important: The virtual memory size must be fixed in order to prevent windows from fragmenting your hard disk. Why? Because when windows virtual memory is full windows will take some more space from your hard disk.

So fix the memory size a little higher but set the minimum and the maximum at the same fixed size, 2 gb(this works for me). This way windows will have a fixed size to work with and will stop fragmenting your hard disk.

  1. Click Start, right click on My Computer and then click Properties
  2.  Click ” Advanced “.
  3.  At the ” Performance ” section click ” Settings ” .
  4.  Select ” Advanced ” and in the ” Virtual Memory ” click ” Change ” .
  5.  Here, Click on your Windows Partition, select ” Custom Size ” and set the Initial Size and Maximum Size to 2000(2gb). Click ” Set ” .
  6.  Click Ok and restart your Computer.
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