You have 2 network cards, and are connected to 2 networks. You want to specify which one is used to surf the internet.

Here is how you do it on Windows. It’s comes down to an “Interface Metric”.

step1:First, right click on the network card/item that you wish to use for the internet. In this case it is the “wireless network connection 2″

step2:Here I left click once on the connection to select it, then right click to get the dialog box below. Choose properties.

step3:Then scroll down until you see Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), select it (make it blue), then click on the Properties button.

step4:Click on the Advanced button.

step5:you will uncheck the Automatic Metric check box and place a 1 in the metric box.

step6:Now your first Network Card is setup with a Metric of 1. Repeat the exact same process with your other network card, except give it an Interface Metric of 2.

That should do it, now when you surf the internet you should see the IP of the network card with a interface metric of 1. (visit here to see your IP). And all your other network activities should work as normal.

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