Configure to boot to the CD-ROM, DVD- ROM

1. Insert a WinXP CD into your CD or DVD drive
2. Restart the system, when the Dell logo screen appears, press the CTRL+ALT+F8 key several times to enter the Boot Menu. * If you wait too long and the operating system begins to load into memory, let the system complete the load operation. Then restart the computer and try again.
3. Select Option for “ATAPI” CD-ROM or “IDE”CD-ROM and press Enter
4. The system will restart in 2 seconds time.

Begin the Windows XP Setup Process

1. The following message appears for 5 seconds on left top corner: Press any key to boot from the CD.
2. Press the to boot to the Windows XP CD.
The Windows XP Setup screen appears.
3. Press the key to setup Windows.

The Windows XP Licensing Agreement screen appears.

1. Press the key to accept the license agreement.

If you have a copy of windows XP preinstalled earlier, setup will try to search for that copy and intend to prompt to Repair.

To Repair, press R

To continue install a fresh copy of windows XP without repairing, press Esc

C:\Windows ” Microsoft Windows XP Professional

In order to install a fresh copy of XP, press Esc

The partitioning screen appears.

If the hard drive is already partitioned (this is most common), press the key to continue.

If the hard drive partitions are not listed or detected, you will need to create a partition on the hard drive. Press the key and then follow the on-screen prompts to create a partition. If you are unsure which settings to select, you may want to use the default selections that are displayed.

1. If your hard drive already contains a copy of a Windows operating system, a Caution screen appears. Press the key to continue.
The format options screen appears.

You have several options to select from to format your hard drive:

Recommends that you select the first option, Format the partition using the NTFS file system.

1. Press the key to select the option that you want and then press the key.
The Caution screen appears if you select to format the hard drive.

2. Press the key to format the hard drive.
The setup program will now copy files to your system. This will take several minutes, please wait. After the files have been copied, a message appears and notifies you that the computer will be restarted.

3. Press the key to restart the computer or a timer will count down and restart the computer automatically.
When the computer restarts, the following message appears: Press any key to boot from the CD.

Note: Do not press any keys when this message appears and allow the operating system to load.


  1. K.B.V.Brahma Rao says:

    In my system, WindowsXP and Linux are installed. But now I want to remove Linux and install fresh copy of WIndowsXP in my system. But while I am trying to install WindowsXP, it is creating the problem. Please give me the solution.

  2. mrstill says:

    thank you very much for the information on how to install a fresh copy of windows xp,,more power…

  3. robert says:

    hi, i want to change from 32 bit system to windows xp pro 64 bit, but the copy of 64 bit is not bootable, and i was told that it works fine once installed, but i’ve tried to boot directly from dvd drive and it still won’t work, it constaly tells me that ntldr is missing and its not missing, are computers getting so retarded that i want to change to linux instead of windows, i think they should call it windblows and not windows…

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