You must use a full retail or OEM version of XP (not the cd from your old computer) this makes life really easy and can usually be downloaded from the web.
You must also have a genuine XP key, which has not been used on another system (without genuine key you will not get updates and your system will be labeled as using pirated software by Microsoft.

Next you should know or find out the specifications of your system, to do this goto Manufactures website.

The most important step is to find out if your hardisk is using SATA interface (if so you will require the SATA XP drivers and a floppy disk, as this is the only way that XP can install these drivers.)

Install XP via cd rom by booting cdrom at system start (if you cannot do this then you must access your system bios at first boot by pressing F2 or Del keys(or whatever key your system uses) and change the boot option to cdrom as first drive.

If your system uses SATA press F6 when XP prompts “press F6 to install other” at very beginng of XP install and install sata drivers from floppy.

Use our guides to install XP


After install you will have to install your systems other drivers(ie. chipset graphics audio etc) found by reading your system specifications and downloading from your Manufactures website)



  1. chris says:

    It is absolutely necessary to use a floppy disk drive? Is it possible to update the drive using a USB key?

  2. Doc says:

    “The most important step is to find out if your hardisk is using SATA interface (if so you will require the SATA XP drivers and a floppy disk, as this is the only way that XP can install these drivers.)”

    Not true! Generic drivers for SATA are included in all Windows XP OEM and Retail CD’s (Pro and Home). The drive must be wiped (eg. DoD), CMOS configured as CR-DOM first boot device and SATA as the second. The SATA drive configurations MUST BE SET TO “EIDE/SATA COMBO” in SATA/RAID. By default, “RAID Auto Detect” is selected.

    This will allow Windows to recognixe the SATA drive, load generic drivers, partition and format.

  3. IMRAN says:

    hi, i had try yestaday to install windows xp , currently i am using vista but when i have run the setup the errors comes after 1 min that system doesn’t recognise the harddrive make sure your harddrive connected .please let me know

  4. Dani says:

    hi, i had try yestaday to install windows xp , currently i am using vista but when i have run the setup the errors comes after 1 min that system doesn’t recognise the harddrive make sure your harddrive connected .please let me know

  5. paul says:

    if you want to uninstall vista and install xp YOU WILL NEED A SMALL PROGRAM CALLED (AEFDISK)
    8 ENJOY

  6. Chris says:

    Hey Paul I am having same trouble trying to remove Vista first how do we make a bootable disk to run that proggy and is the trail proggy enough to do the job,not a computer wizard but this Vista is a pain bought a new puter w/o software so I could load XP but came with this stupid pre-install of Vista I have tried many of the ideas on the net and none have worked so far.

    Regards Chris

  7. Chris says:

    To remove Vista pre-install this is what I did downloaded Hiren’s bootable disc iso from the Net used Nero to burn Iso loaded disc in cdrom drive rebooted when prompted selected boot from disc went to dos menu on disc,selected partiton tools, delpart run delpart, said yes to save info then shut down computer restarted with windows xp disc an installed.Easy as falling off a log.


  8. Jamie says:

    I downloaded aefdisk do you know if that will work? Also after I boot it from the disk I assume it will take me to dos and all i do is type delpart run delpart in one line? I just want to make sure before I try it.


  9. aljernon805 says:

    wouldnt just del the partition work when installing xp? then all you would need is toupdate drivers,right?

  10. Hayden says:

    If you still have one bung in a win98 cd in the hole. It does not recognise vista and asks if you want to format the disk.

  11. Amy says:

    I have uninstalled linux on a new Acer Aspire One netbook All went beautifully until I tried to get on the internet again with the netbook. Do I neede to install drivers or something to get my netbook back to wireless ready again. This is a new netbook and the wireless was working great when linux was the operating system and I just assumed that windows xp would do the same. Thanks for any help.

  12. Amy says:

    What I meant was that I uninstalled linux and installed windows xp from boot up cd. I purchased a legal and legitimate copy of windows xp just for this use.

  13. Jimi says:

    Hi im trying to install xp over the vista, when i boot from the xp disk in the cd drive it tells me to run CHDSK/F and that there is some error message… how do i bypass this? my pc is a new aspire timeline series… my xp cd is legitimate

  14. Parvesh Taneja says:

    Hi I have a laptop model HP G50 PC 122CA with Intel(R)ICH9M/M-E Family 4 Port SATA AHCI Controller, But I don’t have any floppy drive there. From last two months I tried everything to install xp on preinstalled vista, but nothing work. Everytime I am getting the below error:
    STOP: 0X0000007B (0XF78D2524, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000). Could you help me to solve the problem

    Thank you

  15. Narendra Malik says:

    usefull for me

  16. fekade says:

    it is really best to use last xp to uninstall vista and replace with easy task and prompts differnt programs to install when you use last xp!

  17. racoons13 says:

    Well… I guess I’ll try some of the suggestions here. I bought a laptop with Vista pre-installed and WILL remove it and WILL install XP Pro. If one of these methods are successful, I’ll be back with a report and praise. If they don’t work, I won’t return here, but, will haunt those responsible for the misleading information!
    Just Kidding!
    But, I will give it a shot!

  18. ian says:

    We have a new pc that is preinstalled in a windows vista home basic environment. I would like to uninstall the OS and install windows xp since vista sucks… you have any suggestions besides the things mentioned above?



  19. Manish Shrestha says:

    i have been using vista for a while and now its asking me an activation code(which i dont have).please help me to resolve this…

  20. Henry says:

    To replace vista with xp all you have to do is go into bios, change achi to ata, boot from oem xp cd. It will install like normal. then search for drivers.

  21. damj113 says:

    it is very simple. insert your windows xp cd into your cd-rom and reboot your pc, then strat quicly hitting f9 key, then select cd-rom, and then folow the instruction on your screen

  22. Mr Campbell says:

    Help!!!! :cry:

    Hi There I had to do a full clean install of my computer using xp home with sp3,
    I had had trouble for awhile with the computer getting slow when on? :sleep:

    The computer is a home build one with:
    windows xp home edition version 2002.

    service pack 3.


    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+

    2 GB of RAM.

    Physical Address Extension.


    Nvidia GeForce 8600GT
    128 Mb of ram.


    1> Drive C = 320 GB SATA2 Maxtor ( master )
    2> Drive F = 250 GB SATA2 Maxtor. (Slave )


    Direct X = 10

    Well, this is the basics!

    Now onto the problems?
    I first backed up all my importent data onto a external 500GB drive Then I used windows xp install dvd to
    do a full clean format of both drives first the main master then the new installed smaller 250 gb drive!

    Next I what I wished to do was set up a due booting system where I would have a NTFS based main 320 gb master drive with xp home on it?

    And then windows 98 on the smaller 250 gb slave drive so I could play my older 98 based pc games since xp can only cope with running a few of the older 98 games?

    Now we come to the big problem of the set up?

    I made sure the personnel settings part of windows install ( date time country etc. )
    had been done ok the I left it to install the main drive with the xp system since it takes some time?

    When I come back after it had done the install, I rebooted and switched the boot settings back from cd boot to main drive booting,

    And I found for some odd reason it had put xp home system on both drives? :heink:

    Not only that but each time I go to install a program on the main “C” drive it keeps putting it on the smaller slave drive “F” Unless I do a custom install mode on the software to change the drive letter to “C”?

    What I need is:
    1> how to move half my importent main programs from “F” drive over to “C” drive where they should be? :wahoo:

    2> Then how to delete all the stuff on the “F” smaller 250gb drive and get xp to not only treat it a slave drive as it should, But also change the NTFS file system on it into FAT32 so I can install windows 98 on it? :D

    3> make sure the due booting works ok after all this? :)

    If you need more details let me know?
    Thanks for all and any help you give!
    Mr Campbell .

  23. guneet says:

    hi i m guneet i have laptop i have win vista sometime this error like000000-x0000000-000000×0-000000

  24. Como faço para desinstalar o windows vista e instalar o windows xp? Solicito que me envie um e-mail explicativo para tal. Tenho um cd de instalação do windows xp, e na 1ª linha aparece apagada, sem que eu possa instalar. Por favor me ajude! Obrigado.

  25. Lucas says:

    How to remove?

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