How to Remove Windows is Not Genuine Notification

One of our readers Vimal reported us a problem saying: “windows not genuine , this comes when I start my Windows XP“.

This is one of the most common problem which is faced by lot of windows users these days as they don’t have the legit copy of windows XP.

This message as shown in the image above appears every time the user logged in windows, with a timer of some seconds before the Resolve Later button got enabled, all this delayed the entire windows logon process.

Let’s see how can we resolve this issue

The most simplest way now a days is by using Remove WGA Notification tool, which runs silently and check it the WGA notification tool is already active on your system.

What is Remove WGA ?

A small utility that enables you to remove the Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications tool, which is calling home and connect to MS servers every time you boot.

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is very much different than Windows Genuine Advantage Validation.

NOTE: Remove WGA will only removes the notification part, phoning home, and does not touch the Validation part.

Download Remove WGA

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