One of our readers Vimal reported us a problem saying: “windows not genuine , this comes when I start my Windows XP“.

This is one of the most common problem which is faced by lot of windows users these days as they don’t have the legit copy of windows XP.

This message as shown in the image above appears every time the user logged in windows, with a timer of some seconds before the Resolve Later button got enabled, all this delayed the entire windows logon process.

Let’s see how can we resolve this issue

The most simplest way now a days is by using Remove WGA Notification tool, which runs silently and check it the WGA notification tool is already active on your system.

What is Remove WGA ?

A small utility that enables you to remove the Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications tool, which is calling home and connect to MS servers every time you boot.

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications is very much different than Windows Genuine Advantage Validation.

NOTE: Remove WGA will only removes the notification part, phoning home, and does not touch the Validation part.

Download Remove WGA


  1. John says:

    So why the trojan?

  2. Subrat Dash says:

    The Tool worked very nice and I am happy with its performance. Thanks for the help and keep going and god Bless you.

  3. monis says:

    How i can remove genuine from my pc.
    When i start my windows it comes ……

    Thanks in advance

  4. Nick says:

    Thanks this tool really did remove the piss annoying WGA app. Thanks to whoever came up with this app.

  5. ann says:

    Lets hope this continues, or how can we undo what we did.

  6. Jim Whitelock says:

    True genius makes it soooooo easy. Thanks y’all

  7. anonym says:

    can i use remove wga on windows server 2008 sp2?

  8. How i can remove genuine from my pc
    When i start my windows it comes ……

    Thanks in advance

  9. Uday says:

    When i run this tool. I came across the message “Microsoft VGA Notification Tool is not currently active on your system”. But whenever I start my computer/Windows 7, I see the warning “Your windows is not genuine…”. Is there any way to resolve this?

  10. Jean says:

    Hi, i have a permanent notification at the bottom right corner of my laptop saying ” this copy of windows is not genuine.” However, i actually paid for the upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 after my computer was crashed and i was advised by the computer after my harddisk was retreived that Windows 7 will help with the system instability problem i face. What should i do now? This genuine thing is really irritating me. Everytime i start up my computer, i see this message and it is a real pain.

    Thanks alot for the advice.

  11. OM says:

    Hi!!! I ve tried ur software it runs, but it hasn’t remove Windows is not genuine for Windows 7 build 7600

  12. NOEL says:


  13. yashodara says:

    Thanks so much for your help. From past 1 month was suffered with this windows not genuine notification atlast today through this site by using WGA software it got removed. Heartly thanks for your help.

  14. CHARLES says:

    Hi……please can some one help me solve my pc problems……is always showing…copy of window is not genuine….my pc is window 7 ultimate and i need help please…..?

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