Development on the next generation of Internet Explorer continues, with the first public Beta development milestone of Internet Explorer 9 available for download since September 15th, 2010.

But while the IE team is now silent on the evolution of IE9, a third-party source claims that Microsoft is up to version 9.0.8002.6000 with the successor of IE8.

This detail remains unconfirmed by the Redmond company, an aspect which will not change, as the software giant’s policy is to not comment on leaks, rumors, etc.

In mid-September 2010 Internet Explorer 9 Beta Build 9.0.7930.16406 was released to the public, and in this regard, version 9.0.8002.6000 supersedes the original release of IE9.

Of course, with no official confirmation from the software giant of the validity of Build 9.0.8002.6000, any info on this IE9 release needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

A couple of screenshots of IE9 post-Beta Build 9.0.8002.6000 also made their way into the wild.

Still, at this point in time the actual bits for IE9 post-Beta Build 9.0.8002.6000 were not leaked.

There’s very little information available on the latest release of IE9, but my best guess is that this is an interim release of Internet Explorer 9, and that there’s nothing special with it.

Microsoft does put together a large number of interim builds for its software projects, IE included, however, the company releases only the most relevant milestones for testers, unlike other browser vendors that produce a flood of downloads throughout the development process.

The first public development milestone of IE9 is designed as an extremely large Beta. While Build 9.0.7930.16406 is still a Beta and should be treated as such, it is ready for use by the public, not just by early adopters.

In fact, IE8 Beta has been downloaded in excess of 6 million times since launch, more than the RTM versions of rival browsers, and just a few millions short of the entire Beta testing pool that products such as Windows 7 and Office 2010 managed to attract in a single year.

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta Build 9.0.7930.16406 is available for download List:

Windows 7 x86
Windows 7 x64
Windows Vista x86
Windows Vista x64

German installer (Windows Vista x86)
German installer (Windows 7 x86)
German installer (Windows 7 x64)
Greece installer (Windows Vista x86)
Greece installer (Windows 7 x86)
Greece installer (Windows 7 x64)
Hungary installer (Windows Vista x86)
Hungary installer (Windows 7 x86)
Hungary installer (Windows 7 x64)
Italian installer (Windows Vista x86)
Italian installer (Windows 7 x86)
Italian installer (Windows 7 x64)
Japan installer (Windows Vista x86)
Japan installer (Windows 7 x86)
Japan installer (Windows 7 x64)
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of installer (Windows Vista x86)
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of installer (Windows 7 x86)
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of installer (Windows 7 x64)
Norway installer (Windows Vista x86)
Norway installer (Windows 7 x86)
Norway installer (Windows 7 x64)
Poland installer (Windows Vista x86)
Poland installer (Windows 7 x86)
Poland installer (Windows 7 x64)
Brazil installer (Windows Vista x86)
Brazil installer (Windows 7 x86)
Brazil installer (Windows 7 x64)
Portugal installer (Windows Vista x86)
Portugal installer (Windows 7 x86)
Portugal installer (Windows 7 x64)
Romanian installer (Windows Vista x86)
Romanian installer (Windows 7 x86)
Romanian installer (Windows 7 x64)
Russian installer (Windows Vista x86)
Russian installer (Windows 7 x86)
Russian installer (Windows 7 x64)
Slovenia installer (Windows Vista x86)
Slovenia installer (Windows Vista x64)
Slovenia installer (Windows 7 x86)
Slovenia installer (Windows 7 x64)
Spanish installer (Windows Vista x86)
Spanish installer (Windows 7 x86)
Spanish installer (Windows 7 x64)
Sweden installer (Windows Vista x86)
Sweden installer (Windows 7 x86)
Sweden installer (Windows 7 x64)
Thailand installer (Windows Vista x86)
Thailand installer (Windows 7 x86)
Thailand installer (Windows 7 x64)
French installer (Windows Vista x86)
French installer (Windows 7 x86)
French installer (Windows 7 x64)
Czech Republic installer (Windows Vista x86)
Czech Republic installer (Windows 7 x86)
Czech Republic installer (Windows 7 x64)
Denmark installer (Windows Vista x86)
Denmark installer (Windows 7 x86)
Denmark installer (Windows 7 x64)
Netherlands installer (Windows Vista x86)
Netherlands installer (Windows 7 x86)
Netherlands installer (Windows 7 x64)
Turkey installer (Windows Vista x86)
Turkey installer (Windows 7 x86)
Turkey installer (Windows 7 x64)
Ukraine installer (Windows Vista x86)
Ukraine installer (Windows 7 x86)
Ukraine installer (Windows 7 x64)

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