1. Ohkaka says:

    very good. I use the tool called windows password recovery tool 3.0. It helps me to reset windows 7 password.

  2. Rhinoplasty says:

    I'd like to introduce Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0. Not only is it compatible with XP, 2000 and NT, I have personally tested with Vista and Windows 7. Works great to restore a local user account a blank password. I wrote to a USB flash drive 128 MB of age do. Starting and password compensation takes a minute or two works like a charm. It is also compatible with CD / DVD.

  3. Daianna says:

    As a system administrator,I’ve tried a couple of these utilities through the years and my favorite is the windows password key 8.0.This utility is used to reset password of any windows versions.

  4. Croline says:

    If you have lost windows password, the best thing for you is creating a password reset disk.Actually,when you add a password to your pc,the first thing you should do is creating a disk in case you lost the password.But how to make a password reset disk after you have lost the password ? Follow these

    You need to prepare:
    1:A blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive
    2.A computer which can link to internet
    3.A program called Windows Password Key

    Then let’s begin

    Step 1.Login to a PC which can link to internet,Download and install the program in that PC

    Step 2.Run the program and burn to CD/DVD OR USB flash drive

    Step 3.Turn to your locked PC,insert the newly create CD or USB to your drive.Reboot the Computer and then follow the instructions,it is very easy to use.

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