Microsoft Brings Out the Vista SP1 Cavalry

Everything else has not failed… Well, maybe the Wow… So, when on the remnants of the failed Wow, Microsoft is now bringing in the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 cavalry. With Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Technical Fellow in the Platform and Services division at the lead, the Redmond company offered the Springboard Live! Interactive Virtual Roundtable the past week. Keyword being live, at this point in time, you can consider that you missed it. But not entirely. You can no longer participate in the roundtable, and as such the interactivity label is nothing but a label, but you can access the entire event via this link.

“Join Mark Russinovich and a panel of experts for a live, interactive discussion on adopting Windows Vista into a desktop infrastructure. The panel will feature subject-matter experts and IT pros from around the world who have tackled Windows Vista deployment hear about the challenges, workarounds, and tips & tricks they have learned along the way. The panel will answer as many questions as they can during the 60-minute event,” reads the official Microsoft description of the Springboard Live! Interactive Virtual Roundtable.

Well, essentially it’s all Vista, Vista, Vista. There is of course a strong focus on Windows Vista SP1, but also on the gold version of the operating system. Subjects range across a wide variety from the new copying infrastructure of the platform to application compatibility, to User Account Control, to the eye candy of Windows Aero. However, make no mistake about it, this is the Vista SP1 cavalry coming in strong.

“I missed the live broadcast of the Springboard Live event the other day. However I watched the event replay from start to finish last night, and I thought there was a lot of great information. There were several aspects I liked about the show. First, I always like to hear about actual customer deployments of our products. I thought they did a great job of describing their rollouts. Second, I liked the fact the panel wasn’t all Microsoft people. I still felt like there were a few Kool-aid moments, but I was pleasantly surprised that everyone wasn’t drinking it. So over the weekend or in your spare time, I highly recommend watching the video I think you’ll find some treasures in the information. Definitely worth your time,” stated Keith Combs, Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist.

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