Microsoft Fix it got a boost this week with the introduction of an update designed to make it easier for users to find fixes to their issues with Microsoft software.

Fix it is the Redmond company’s online hub offering a comprehensive collection of automated solutions for problems impacting products such as Windows, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Xbox and Zune, Office, Windows Server etc.

Microsoft Fix it has been steadily growing both in terms of usage (the fixes were used an impressive over 156 million times) and as far as the number of fixes is concerned (in excess of 500), an aspect indicative of the initiative’s success.

The software giant has also put in effort to tailor the Fix it Solution Center to users in no less than 35 countries worldwide, providing help in their native language.

“The refreshed dashboard provides a more dynamic and engaging user interface and boasts international appeal – now supporting 35 Languages.

“Since the introduction of Fix it technology in 2008, Fix it has grown to include 500+ solutions and boasts more than 156 million solution runs,” a Microsoft spokesman told me.

The new and improved Microsoft Fix it is already available to Microsoft customers worldwide. According to the company the improvements delivered with the latest update are in no way limited to the UI (but do check out the new eye-candy of the dashboard).

Under-the-hood enhancements delivered with the refresh streamline the entire Fix it experience for users, streamlining the process of identifying a specific problem and the automated solution designed to fix it.

Here is a list highlighting the new changes to Microsoft Fix it:

“• Product Icons – We’ve replaced the text-list of products with a row of icons to provide a more interactive user experience for customers;

• Multiple Ways to Define a Problem – Defining the problem is often the biggest hurdle for users – with the new dashboard, users can now search by product, symptom or application to ensure they quickly find the right solution for their problem;

• Dynamic Update – With each click, users will see immediate results changing to make their solution finding experience more efficient;

• Keyword Search – Users can search by keyword to quickly narrow search results to find the most applicable ‘Fix it’ solution;

• Improved ‘Run now’ Icon – Users can now click the “Run now’ button directly from the result sets and run the troubleshooter immediately.”

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