Just days after Office 2010 was officially released to manufacturing, the final bits of the productivity suite were leaked to torrent trackers and are now available for download in the wild from a variety of illegal third-party sources.

Microsoft announced the RTM of Office 2010 on April 15th, 2010, and indicated that the first wave of downloads was planned for this week. According to the Redmond company, the first to get the Office 2010 RTM bits would be members of its developer and IT professional networks, followed by volume customers, businesses and only then the general public.

But while, at this point in time, the specific general availability deadline of Office 2010 has yet to be announced, the latest iteration of the productivity suite has already made its way into the wild. Those that know where to look for it can already download Office 2010 RTM, as long as they are running a BitTorrent client.

According to third-party sources, the RTM build of Office 2010 is 14.0.4763.1000. Microsoft has yet to confirm the build string for the final Office 2010 bits. However, users won’t have to wait very long, as the official downloads of Office 2007’s successor are scheduled to go live in just three days.

“Office 2010 has officially reached RTM status. This is the last major milestone in the development life cycle, so while I sit here and install the release code I figure I should make some key dates known to you all. Date Availability – 22nd April: Office 2010 will be made available via MSDN download. 27th April: Office 2010 will be made available to all Volume Licensed Customers who have Software Assurance. 1st May: This is when all volume license customers who don’t have software assurance can buy Office 2010. June 2010: General availability, this is when Office 2010 will be available to purchase from retail stores like Harvey Norman etc…” Ben Walters, Microsoft Office Technology Solution professional, noted.

Two different websites were offering multiple versions of Office 2010 RTM packaged as ISO images. Obviously, I won’t be providing links or even the names of the leaked files. Just a friendly reminder, by downloading and installing pirated software, you expose yourselves to a variety of risks, including having your computers infected with malware.

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