It’s fair to say that anyone who’s tried online backup for a significant amount of time would find it hard to switch back to doing backups the old fashioned way. Not only do you get the peace of mind of knowing that your data is encrypted and securely sent off-site, but it’s also done for you automatically.

You get to free up more time for yourself while improving the security of your most important data. And it only costs a few pennies per day. What more can a computer-guy ask for?

When it comes to restoring specific individual files or small amounts of data, online backup is fast and convenient. Just load up the application, pick your files and they’re back in your system fairly quickly. But if you need to restore an entire system from scratch, it might take much longer. (depending on your Internet connection)

For most people, waiting a few hours to download several gigs might not be a big deal. But for many business users, uptime is critical. Even for a small business, an entire day of downtime can cost tens of thousands of dollars while potentially damaging to the company’s reputation.

Until recently, the only alternative would’ve been to use a “high-availability” service that automatically switches over to a temporary (mirrored) server if your systems go down. Although these types of services are extremely effective, they can also sometimes be too expensive for smaller companies to afford.

But even if recovery time is critical to your company, you can still enjoy all the benefits of online backup by taking advantage of cost-effective Rapid-Recovery technology.

With a traditional online backup download, you would select a batch of files that you want to restore. Then, these files would be downloaded in sequence.

With Rapid-Recovery technology, these files start out as a normal batch download. However, after only a few minutes, the user is able to start using their system again… even while the recovery download is still being processed.

If you love the convenience and security of online backup, but also need fast recovery speeds at an affordable price, then an online backup service featuring Rapid-Recovery technology might be just what you need.

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  1. Vicky says:

    Thanks for the article.I personally use online backups and the one i use is called safecpy backup.And with safecopy backup everything works out well for me.It is cheap and i can now backup more than 2computers on one account and with the recovery process,it is just by a few clicks

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