Unlike non-subscription version of Office 2010, subscription flavors of the productivity suite require not only the initial activation, but also subsequent reactivations for the entire duration of the license.

Microsoft will be offering Office Professional Plus 2010 as a part of its Cloud productivity offering Office 365, and in tune with the service-based approach, the Office 2010 variant will only be available to customers as long as they pay the company a subscription.

“During the installation process, Office Professional Plus will automatically check the licensing and activate the product,” Microsoft informed.

“The license assigned to Office Professional Plus subscribers is valid for 30 days. The Office Subscription Agent evaluates the subscription once a month. If the subscription is still valid, the product is reactivated for another 30 days.” More »

If you’re like many average Joe’s, you probably installed your Windows XP and/or Office software, and then put away your CDs, along w/ the cover that had the activation codes.

After awhile, you moved, and you have to reinstall the software for some reason. But you can’t find them! Do you have to buy new software? No!

Just do the following:

Borrow a friend’s copy of XP or Office – this in itself is not illegal. But make sure you don’t have the OEM versions that come w/ the computer like Dell or IBM. You need the retail version.
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Windows XP and Office XP use Product Activation to reduce piracy.

On installation (of non corporate editions) they create a snapshot of the PC is hardware which covers:

Boot disk volume serial number
Network adaptor MAC address
CD-ROM drive ID data
Graphics card ID data
IDE adaptor ID data
SCSI adaptor ID data
Hard disk ID data
Processor Model and serial number
Amount of RAM
Dockable (laptop) or not (desktop)
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