For me firefox is the best web browser. Firefox is faster, more secure, and fully customizable way to surf the web. Here’s some tips how to speed up your firefox 10 times faster.

Type about:config into the firefox browser and hit enter. After that, scroll down and found this entries and setup like this: More »

As a computer consultant to nonprofit organizations, I frequently encounter clients who pay more for their Internet service than they need to. They may have listened to a salesperson instead of a trusted advisor when selecting service, or never renegotiated their rate over the years as prices dropped. The result is that nonprofits sometimes end up paying hundreds of dollars a year for a level of Internet service they don’t need.

I’ve worked with organizations that have paid $24 per month for dial-up Internet service when less-expensive Internet Service Providers ( ISPs) abound, others that have paid $200 a month for SDSL when ADSL is adequate and costs less, and some that have paid high rates for slow ISDN when speedy ADSL is available for less. More »