If you do not already know it, backups are the most important steps you must take to ensure that your data will not be lost. Despite all the trouble you go through to make sure that your computer is always clean and running at its peak performance, there comes a time when even the best storage solution fails.

What will you do now? There is nothing you can do about it but try to save as much as you can using data recovery tools that, at best, will manage to recover only a fraction of what you had on your hard drive.

The conclusion is that you should perform backups of your system on a regular basis and make sure you keep multiple backups of irreplaceable and important files. If you are as paranoid as me, you should also keep at least one backup copy of all your important files in a different physical location (an “offsite” location as experts call it).

There are many ways you can back up your data but the most popular ones are using the integrated Time Machine and Disk Utility tools. More »

Have you ever had your iPhone/iPod touch‘s language changed by a malevolent friend that just stood there afterwards, watching you squirm while you were trying to understand Chinese? Or, even worse, have you ever changed your language by mistake and, after trying to change it back countless times, ended up at an Apple Store having to face the snobbish looks the “genius” gave you?

While this will still allow you to use your device (make and/or receive calls on the iPhone, load and play a playlist or track on your iPod), you will definitely be extremely annoyed by this situation. If your last measure would be to just restore a backup on your device and get back your personal settings and, hopefully, your preferred language, I have good news for you: there is a simple procedure you will have to follow that will not have you jumping through hoops.
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Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a key part of the Windows 7 operating system. It is used to gather system statistics, monitor system health, and manage system components. To work properly, WMI relies on the WMI service. This service must be running and properly configured for your environment.

You control the configuration of the WMI service through WMI Control, which can be accessed on a local or remote system by using the following steps:

1. Click Start, type administrative tools, and hit Enter.

2. Then click Computer Management.

3. To connect to a remote computer, right-click Computer Management in the console tree and then select Connect To Another Computer. You can now choose the system that has the services you want to manage, provided you have the proper administrative privileges. More »

Since Microsoft will not provide a direct upgrade path from Beta to RTM, early adopters already testing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will need to download the first public development milestone of the upgrade. At the same time, since Windows 7 SP1 is in Beta stage, the service pack could introduce various problems on a machine, specifically issues that weren’t there when users were running the RTM flavor of the operating system. In such cases, and in others, customers might need to uninstall Windows 7 SP1 Beta.

One thing to keep in mind is that when installing the service pack, backup files are created in order to ensure that removal will be possible. In this regard, customers should steer clear of the Disk Cleanup Wizard, which will erase the backup files, making the uninstall process impossible. More »

It’s fair to say that anyone who’s tried online backup for a significant amount of time would find it hard to switch back to doing backups the old fashioned way. Not only do you get the peace of mind of knowing that your data is encrypted and securely sent off-site, but it’s also done for you automatically.

You get to free up more time for yourself while improving the security of your most important data. And it only costs a few pennies per day. What more can a computer-guy ask for?

When it comes to restoring specific individual files or small amounts of data, online backup is fast and convenient. Just load up the application, pick your files and they’re back in your system fairly quickly. But if you need to restore an entire system from scratch, it might take much longer. (depending on your Internet connection) More »