Well, it appears that there are some exceptions. According to the Redmond company, Windows 7 can also present incorrect “Consider replacing your battery” warnings.

This can happen to users running older HP notebooks with the last Windows client from the software giant.

Such customers should disregard the message from the Windows Battery Meter, and the additional warnings from the OS.

“Additionally, a red “X” may appear on the battery icon in the notification area. However, the battery may still be in sufficient health. This issue is known to occur on the DV9000 and DV 67000 series of notebooks,” the software giant said.

Microsoft blames the problem on the fact that the older notebook models were not designed with Windows 7 in mind. More »

Have you ever run out of battery power on your mobile PC during a meeting or a class? Have you worried about running out of power while waiting to meet with a client? Have you asked yourself how much longer your battery will last? Sufficient battery life is a persistent challenge for mobile PC users. But Windows offers several ways to help maximize the battery life of your mobile computer.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to take advantage of Windows settings to manage power more efficiently. I’ll also introduce some non-software related tips that you can use to extend battery life.

Optimize your power settings

Windows 7

Windows 7 has two default power plans:

  • Balanced: Automatically balances performance with energy consumption on capable hardware.
  • Power saver: Saves energy by reducing your computer’s performance where possible.

Change your power plan

1. Click the battery meter icon, located in the notification area on the Windows taskbar.

The display and hard disk on your mobile PC are the two biggest consumers of battery power. By choosing a power plan (called a power scheme in Windows XP) you can extend your battery life. A power plan is a collection of hardware and system settings that control how your mobile PC manages power.

2. Select either the Balanced or Power saver power plan.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista has three default power plans:

  • Balanced. Offers full performance when you need it, but conserves power when the computer is idle.
  • Power saver. The best choice for extending battery life. The cost? Slower performance.
  • High performance. Maximizes system performance at the expense of battery life.

Change your power plan

1. Click the battery meter icon, located in the notification area on the Windows taskbar.
2. Select the Balanced, Power saver, or High performance power plan.

Windows XP users

Windows XP includes two power schemes that were created specifically for mobile PCs.

  • The Portable/Laptop power scheme minimizes the use of power to conserve your battery, but adjusts to your processing needs so that the system speed is not sacrificed.
  • The Max Battery power scheme minimizes power use but does not adjust as your processing demands change. You should use Max Battery only in situations that require minimal processing, such as reading documents and taking notes in a meeting.

Use a power scheme designed to maximize battery life:

1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

2. In Control Panel, verify that you’re in Category view, and then click Performance and Maintenance.

3. In the Performance and Maintenance window, click Power Options.

4. On the Power Schemes tab of the Power Options Properties dialog box, click the arrow under Power schemes, and then click Max Battery.

5. Click OK.

You can also create a custom power scheme to suit your specific needs. You can create as many custom power schemes as you want.

Take advantage of low-power states

The different versions of Windows provide the following battery-saving states:

  • Windows 7: sleep and hibernation (which is like deep sleep)
  • Windows Vista sleep and hybrid sleep (which is a combination of sleep and hibernation)
  • Windows XP standby (which is like snoozing) and hibernation (which is like deep sleep)

Sleep (Standby)

In a sleep state (standby), your display and hard disk turn off, and all open programs and files are saved in random access memory (RAM) your computer’s temporary memory rather than to the hard disk. Information stored in RAM is cleared when the computer turns off, so it’s a good idea to save your work before placing your system in standby mode. Otherwise, you may lose data if you lose power, you swap batteries, or your system crashes.

Sleep (standby) is particularly useful when you’re using your mobile PC intermittently during the day. For example, when driving between clients’ offices during the day, put your computer to sleep or on standby to maximize the life of your battery and maintain quick access to open programs, files, and documents. When you want to use your computer again, it wakes up quickly, and your desktop is restored exactly as you left it.

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iPad seems to be hit for apple and as it is mostly liked by users, We have started sharing some ipad tips which can help you to tweak your ipad to have a longer ipad battery life, fix wifi connectivity on iPad .

From now on, We will keep posting about another productivity tips about iPad its use, and will also be solving problems related to iPad, so if you are using iPad and facing some issues in anything, just let us know we would love to help.

As iPad is tablet, so it does have some accessibility features like VoiceOver, Zoom, White on Black which can be easily accessed by home button triple click on iPad.

Triple-click Home is an easy way to turn some Accessibility features on or of by quickly press the Home button three times.

You can set Triple-click Home to turn VoiceOver on or of, turn White on Black on or of, or ask if you would like to triple-click the Home button to toggle More »

iPad seems to have already won the hearts, as per the sales figures and initial user reviews they are loving it. But as the display on iPad is quite large so the battery drains out very fast.

Some initial reviewers however seems to be quite impressed with the battery life, as for then it lasted for more than 10 hours but with time as the number of applications increases and usage it may tend to decrease. So, In order to prevent iPad battery draining out you can follow the some tips given below.

Some Tips To Increase Battery Backup Of iPad

1. Turn off wifi when not required, like you are watching a movie or browsing photos. [ In such activities in which you are not using Wireless Data Network ]

2. Decrease the brightness to increase battery backup of iPad, if you decrease the brightness that will save your battery for long hours.

3. Turn off data roaming feature

4. Turn off cellular data network when you are not using 3G connection More »

Defrag your Hard Disk

A big part of computer users regularly combine HDD does. Regular intervals with the computer slows down and the system’s HDD may reduce performance. To prevent this, especially laptop users do not create periodically combined with the hard disk is. And it will be more tired when you try HDDniz So your battery will be reflected in a positive way.

Resources unnecessary applications that use the last

Reduce the performance of the computer system one of the most important factors are background applications running. Some may be required, although some users of the application running in the background that has no benefits. Use of system resources is much lower not only the system performance, but also the serious laptoplarda at a rate which reduces battery life. Therefore, a vital importance for you to close applications that are not favorable to your battery life will reflect. More »