Upgrading their LG notebook to Windows 7 has left some customers scrambling for new batteries after the new operating system suggested they needed to replace their old one, and scratching their heads when the “Consider replacing your battery” persisted.

Microsoft confirmed that users were seeing a warning message immediately after they made the jump to Windows 7 on certain LG notebooks, instructing them to replace their laptop’s battery.

However, customers that went ahead and swapped existing batteries or new ones, continued to see the message from the Windows Battery Meter.

The software giant explained that Windows 7 is not at fault for the problem. According to the Redmond company, the erroneous “Consider replacing your battery” messages are generated by a code defect in the system firmware (BIOS) of some LG notebooks, including the R500 family of laptops. More »

Walk through the process of installing Windows 7 from a USB source. In this video, you’ll learn how to :

1. Set boot priorities in the BIOS

2. Configure USB hard-drive emulation

3. Troubleshoot possible issues and implement solutions for images > 2GB

4. Perform the installation4.Perform the installation

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If you didn’t already know it you should be aware that the password protection on your PC is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. There are things you can do to make it harder for anyone to get at your files, and we’ll come to that in a moment but first, at one time or another many of us forget our logon password. Faced with an inaccessible PC, some users resort to drastic action, like re-installing Windows.

There’s really no need, blanking the password using a special type of Linux boot disc is fairly straightforward. Cracking a password takes a little longer but again it’s easy enough if you know what to do, and one way is to use another Linux live CD boot utility called Ophcrack. Download the .iso file and use a utility like Imgburn to create a CD. Just boot the PC from the CD and watch it hack away at your password. Most times it only take a few seconds to crack a 4 – 6 character password otherwise it might take a few minutes but if you thought your PC was protected, think again, it’s scary stuff. More »

If you have more than one operating system installed on your PC for example, you may have both Windows Vista and Windows 7 beta installed – your computer displays a menu asking you which operating system you want to load. If you don’t select an operating system within 30 seconds, it automatically loads your default operating system.

You can cut the amount of time your computer waits for your input before loading Windows Vista by going back to Msconfig and selecting the Boot tab. Where it says Timeout, change the number to a lower setting, but give yourself enough time to actually make your choice. If you only have Windows Vista installed on your machine, you don’t need to complete this step.

Fix notifications

Windows Vista is great at letting you know if there’s a problem with your computer. Your antivirus program should also alert you to potential problems, such as when a virus has been found or if you haven’t downloaded and installed the latest update for the software. More »

1. Your computer isn’t turning on? “Oh, no!” You think, “I’d better get a new one!” STOP right there. Before you get too frustrated, be sure you have checked that the power cord is actually plugged into your wall socket properly. You may think it sounds silly, but believe me, it’s more common than you think even for the computer savvy. If your computer is connected through a power board, you should try plugging it directly into the wall (note for the safety conscious: by plugging the power cable directly into the wall, you lessen the chance of power failure and damage to your machine). Another reason that your PC may not start is if you have made any repairs or modification to your machine. You may have unwittingly pulled out a connect plug; check all connections.

2. If your computer is starting but is spitting error messages at you, then you might need to take out any memory modules such as RAM and then reset them by plugging them back into different RAM slots.If you get an error such as ‘Unexpected Interrupt in Protected Mode,’ then there is a problem with the settings you have entered in BIOS. To fix it go into BIOS and set it to default settings. If the problem still won’t go away, then you must remove the CMOS chip on your motherboard then put it back in to clean BIOS completely. More »