Is your Windows Desktop dotted with files? Have you noticed that your fast computer has been running slower and slower? Do you see the hard drive light often flashing while you wait for the computer to respond to an action? To speed up your computer, clean your Windows Desktop.

How Many Files are on Your Desktop?

Each time Windows starts, operating memory is used for all files on the Desktop. If those files are Shortcuts, the total amount of memory used will be small. If however, there are several or dozens of files on the Desktop, those will use lots of operating memory, essentially for no purpose or gain.

With less memory available, the computer runs slower because it has to swap out information from operating memory to the hard drive. It does this process (called memory paging) to keep everything the user wants to do, running at the same time. More »

If you are planning on purchasing the upgrade version of Windows Vista, you may be surprised to find that you can’t do a clean install of Vista, as it requires you to have XP running on the machine you want to upgrade and the installation process has to be run from within XP.

Luckily there is a fairly simple workaround:

1. Boot your machine with the Vista DVD, but don’t enter your serial number just press Next (leaving the serial field blank).

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