Following the release of the gold build of Windows 7 via MSDN and TechNet, Microsoft has now made available for download Windows 7 Code Pack 1.0. Version 1.0 of the Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework is designed to integrate with the RTM release of Windows Vista’s successor. Subscribers of both MSDN and TechNet can already download and install the final version of Windows 7 since the end of the past week. Now developers looking to start building applications for Windows 7 RTM can also grab Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework, but without the restrictions set in place by the MSDN or TechNet subscriptions.

“The Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework provides support for various features of Windows 7 and previous releases of that operating system. The Code Pack has reached version 1.0 and has been published on Code Gallery,” revealed Charlie Calvert, Microsoft C# community program manager.

According to Microsoft, Windows 7 RTM Code Pack 1.0 “provides a source code library that can be used to access some new Windows 7 features (and some existing features of older versions of Windows operating system) from managed code. These Windows features are not available to developers today in the .NET Framework.” More »

Most of Connected Internet’s readers are PC users. PC users don’t have too much of a problem finding an application for a specific task. Usually a quick Google will turn up a solution to a pressing problem. The only drawback to Windows’ prevalence is that there is an exponentially greater amount of commercial software, so PC users may have to dig a little to find a freeware solution to the task at hand.

Mac users enjoy a healthy commercial software community, but also free software is quite prevalent. Maybe it’s the unix influence, you know, free software and all that. I’m not complaining. As a Mac user I have a choice between a commercial solution, scouring the vast freeware available, or falling back to a unix solution when all else fails.

Following are ten applications for working with video, graphics and audio files that I have found to be indispensable. I see enough posts of the variety “What Mac app should I use for…” on various Mac web forums that I hope someone will find these recommendations useful. More »

Recently I bought a new high-end computer and the Nvidia GeForce 7600GT Graphics Card which makes the best combination to run Vista. I installed Windows Vista on one of my drives leaving Windows XP unchanged and untouched on my default C drive. After playing around a little in Windows Vista it revealed on me that most of my hardware drivers and some softwares were not compatible with Vista so I decided to switch back.

Uninstall Vista on Dual Boot Machine

I formatted the drive containing Windows Vista but the problem is that whenever the computer restarted it showed the dual-boot option for Vista and for Windows XP even though I had deleted Windows Vista. After a little research I came over a solution that helps you fix the dual boot issue for a clean Vista uninstall. More »

In early builds of Windows Vista, testers were shown a new 3D interface powered by the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) that was filled with animations of all sorts. This interface was very cool looking. However, because of delays, Microsoft had to cut the use of WPF in the UI and most of the “WOW” was removed.

Thankfully, there are some very talented developers out there that have made utilities to bring back the excitement of the cut features. The one I am covering in this article, is the animated user picture shown on the Start Menu.

Using a great utility called 3D User Picture, you can easily make your start menu look just like the video above. More »

I guess all of you agree that Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet, having millions of users every day. Because it is the best search technology in the entire world, the service is able to index and crawl millions of websites although their content is not quite acceptable. Take the example of the pornographic websites or even warez or illegal material that is often accessible using a simple command typed on Google. If you didn’t know, Google has several hidden operators that allow users to find a certain type of information quicker than typing a longer phrase.

Let me present some of the most useful commands used in the Google search box to allow you to find information quicker: More »