Sometimes, you want that you system should get switched off automatically, especially when you are not monitoring that system. It often happens that the tools commonly used by the users do not provide the sufficient options for the system shutdown. Thus, they are supposed to be specific while leaving their system for automatic shutdown.

The freeware which I will be reviewing today will solve this problem by allotting you large number of options for automatic system shut down, the name of this tool is DShutdown.

This tool has large number of features, which I will be explaining later. I have already reviewed a similar tool knows as ‘Shutdown Timer’ but it has less features as compared to DShutdown. This tool can list out the number of systems present on your network and can shutdown them, only if you already have the right to do so. More »

There has always been a gap between computer gamers and console gamers. Generally because of the impossibility of a console gamer to play computer games or a PC gamer to play console–only games. Luckily for us, some people just don’t understand when to quit and keep on trying to create a bridge between consoles and computers as far as gaming is concerned.

Those people are the ones behind console emulators for the PC allowing PC gamers to play titles that appeared in a console-only format. This is how emulators such as Chankast for the Sega Dreamcast, Dolphin GameCube emulator, ePSXe PlayStation One emulator and many more appeared. Next generation consoles, however, seemed to be impossible to emulate on a modern computer mainly because their architecture is pretty different from that of a computer. Although it is said that console manufacturers have created emulators, there are no real facts confirming these speculations.

There are numerous teams working on Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii emulators, and one has just succeeded in making the first emulator to play PlayStation 2 video games. More »

1. Boost memory
The simplest way to a faster Mac is by installing extra RAM. Before you buy, check the maximum RAM capacity of your Mac. You can download a free program called MacTracker that will tell you the precise technical specifications of every Mac ever produced.

2. Install RAM in pairs
Many Macs will give you a speed boost if you install matching RAM modules in pairs. G5 and Mac Pro towers actually require the installation of pairs of modules, though most other Macs will allow the use of an odd number, with the proviso that you won’t get the fastest possible performance from them. Crucial’s website will tell you the specifics for your model.

3. Faster drive
Installing a faster hard drive as the boot drive on a tower Mac will yield performance gains, especially if you go up to a 10,000-speed drive. On a laptop, installing a 7,200rpm drive (to replace a 5,400 rpm model) will also make things faster, though older Mac portables don’t have user replaceable hard drives More »

Vista DVD include all the vista version and include more feature that cause it need a high speed computer with at least CPU=2.0Ghz , Ram=512,HDD=30Gb But we can reduce some feature to make it smaller,faster and can support computer only 800 Mhz, Ram=256, HDD=5Gb…you will enjoy it by following remove this feature below:

# accessories #
mobility center
speech support
welcome center

# drivers #
printers, modems & scanners
graphics ,sound and ethernet drivers are still included.

# games #
all games removed

# hardware support #
fax support
internet small computer system interface (iscsi)
smartcards More »

It’s been a long time now, we have not contributed any tips or tricks on firefox, After the release Firefox 3 many people have started using firefox.

Today, we have come up with the first part of the continued post on tweaking firefox and making it more faster for browsing and use less memory and CPU usage.

In this part we are going to tell you about how can you tweak your firefox to make it more faster in browsing sites.

Lets see how can tweak firefox to turn it into more faster firefox

Here are some tips which will help you increase the browsing speed in firefox. More »