The feature of Windows asking you if you really want to put the files in the Recycle Bin whenever you attempt to delete a file is to stop you from deleting a file by mistake or accident. The delete confirmation dialog box appears every time you give the command of deleting a file.

However, there are times you are deleting many unnecessary files in order to clean up your hard drive. This delete confirmation dialog box will really bother you at such times and you would want to get rid of it as it takes up a lot of your time while you are deleting numerous files.

There is an easy way to disable delete confirmation dialog box in Windows 7. As you disable delete confirmation dialog box in Windows 7, you will be able to save a lot of your time. However, it is recommended that you do not disable delete confirmation dialog box in Windows 7 unless really necessary. You should turn it back on after you are done with your cleaning up of the computer. More »

One of our reader is very mush annoyed by some of those preinstalled games which are there is Windows Vista as they use some space and are of no use to him. As these games are very simple and sometimes the trail version of big games with less features anyone can be annoying.

For some users it could be the other reason like they don’t want their kids to keep playing these games and waste their crucial time playing these preinstalled vista games.

Here is how you can remove the preinstalled games on your vista computer or laptop.


This fix which we are going to tell you is quite easy and quick to follow, you just need to follow the procedure given to delete your vista games forever.

1. Open Start Menu >> Control Panel

2. Double click Programs and Features to open it. More »

Index.dat files are windows system files on windows which records every web site you visit with internet explorer. These files are hidden on your computer that contain all of the Web sites that you have ever visited.

Every URL, and every Web page is listed there. Not only that but all of the email that has been sent or received through Outlook or Outlook Express is also being logged. Microsoft has not supplied an adequate explanation as to what these files are for or why they have been hidden so well.

According to Microsoft, these index.dat files are used to store cache of visited sites to speed up the loading of sites in Internet Explorer. But this cannot be the case because when we delete the Temporary Internet Files the “index.dat” files remain behind.

Irrespective of what ever program you have been using to clean windows history they may clean but does not delete index.dat files on your computer as they protected in real time by windows operating system. More »

If you need to make firewall settings repeatedly on a single computer as conditions change or, perhaps, on a fleet of computers you’ll find working with Windows Firewall (the Control Panel application) or Windows Firewall With Advanced Security to be a bit cumbersome. The Netsh command, using its Firewall or Advfirewall context, provides an alternative way to view or modify all manner of Windows Firewall settings. For example, you can enable Windows Firewall with this command:

netsh firewall set opmode enable

The Netsh Firewall context can be considered the basic context, where you can find current firewall settings at a high level. It’s roughly comparable to the Windows Firewall application in Control Panel. From the command prompt, you can see the basic configuration by typing:

netsh firewall show config
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We all use windows run prompt to launch various windows utilities like command prompt, msconfig but whenever we type a command in run prompt it gets saved in Windows as Run History as Run MRU (Most Recently Used) List.

Many of my friends gets annoyed to see recently typed commands in windows run as they do not want others to see what they had typed in run.

Today, we will tell you all the ways to clear run prompt history in Windows XP and Vista.

There two methods to clear the windows run history, the first method is via windows registry to clear windows run and second method involves a free utility MRU Blaster which lets you clear windows run history

Let’s discuss both of these methods to clear the recently typed commands in run. More »