Intel motherboards are used in the majority of PCs and notebooks sold in recent years, and they contain a surprising amount of technology. It’s common to find HD audio, graphics, networking, and disk controllers on the motherboard.

Whether you’re using the original PC manufacturer image or a clean install of Windows, chances are one or more of those drivers are out of date. Tracking down updates manually is confusing, to say the least. Fortunately, Intel has now automated the process with a web-based scanner that inventories your current drivers and offers to install the most recent updates.

To start, open Internet Explorer and visit the Intel Driver Update Utility page. (This page also works with Firefox and Chrome, but I recommend those options only if you already have Java installed on your PC and are confortable downloading and installing a Java applet. On my computers, I avoid anything that requires Java.) Click the button labeled “Check your system for the latest updates.” More »

You’re an early adopter. You braved long lines for an Apple iPhone.

Now you want to synch it with a PC running the most powerful version of Microsoft’s latest operating system. Not so fast.

The iPhone software that connects and synchronizes the device to a personal computer won’t run on 64-bit editions of Windows Vista, according to a posting on Apple’s Web site.

The post indicates that the iPhone software will, aside from the Mac OS, operate only on PCs running 32-bit versions of Windows Vista or Windows XP. It notes that “64-bit versions of Windows are not supported. More »