If you use a bitTorrent program to download MP3s, music videos, and other types of files from legal BitTorrent sites, then you may have found at times that your downloads can be painfully slow. To boost your file sharing download speeds, you can use a P2P accelerator program.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the freeware program, FeyAccelerator, to give your BitTorrent downloads a boost. This small program for Windows works between your P2P program and Internet connection. It is light on system resources and supports a large selection of BitTorrent clients.

  1. On the main screen, click the box on the P2P Run field and select the BitTorrent program you use from the list. More »

SpeedyFox is a free to use tool which lets you speed up firefox startup speed, faster navigation when browsing history, browse cookies more faster and in all the overall firefox interface much faster after running the tool.

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Make Firefox Faster With Your Old Firefox Profile

This small application actually compacts the size of the SQLITE databases which store a lot of setting related to your firefox profile, there by customise the databases light to load and ensure faster speed of operations in firefox.

It has a very basic interface, you just need to select the firefox profile you are using [ normally that is the default profile for many people ] after selecting the profile click Speed Up My Firefox button More »

A fast PC has little to do with the Internet speed up situation. Oftentimes, making simple adjustments to a computer will enable it to load web pages faster.

Clearing the clutter that gets downloaded into the PC or switching to a better Internet service provider that does not clog up PCs will often do the trick. But achieving an Internet speed up necessitates a number of things.

Internet Speed Up Pointers

The download speed often boils down to how well and how efficiently a site was created by its website designer. Many websites aren’t organized enough to allow for quick downloads. Some of them feature content that take ages to load, hence the sluggish Internet speed. Here are Internet speed up tips you should know that can help speed up download activities. More »

When a web browser (IE 8 or Firefox for example) connects to a website it establishes connections. Each connection downloads one thing whether it is the html of the page, an image, or ad. Connections are used as a throttle that’s being held back to keep web servers and the internet from getting overloaded.

By default IE 8 only establishes two simultaneous connections at a time to download a web page. The two simultaneous connections limit is specified in the HTTP standard. The two connections limit can be changed on your computer through a registry edit.

Increasing the maximum allowed simultaneous connects from 2 to 16 can increase the speed of some web sites because the sites are downloaded in larger chunks at a time. Keep in mind that this won’t work on all web sites because the number of connections limit can be controlled by the web server. More »