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There are two ways to run several operating systems on your computer. You can run them with virtualization inside one another, or you can install them alongside each other and boot each individually, this is the easiest method for most users.

You don’t even have to create a dual boot system with Linux, in this case, Ubuntu. It can be installed by itself without Vista or any other operating installed first. Most users purchasing a new computer will find Vista installed so this is the route I will take for this tutorial.

Let’s take a look at installing Ubuntu alongside Vista on a computer, assuming Vista is installed first as this will cover most instances. More »

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– 2 Hard Drives
– Linux Install CD
– Vista Install DVD
– Computer powerful enough to run Vista
Why this is nessissary
Vista comes with a more difficult to work with bootloader. If you install Vista, then Grub, it wipes out the Vista Bootloader. It used to be that you could just tell Grub what to do to boot into Windows, but Windows no longer boots on it’s own: It needs its *special* bootloader!
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