Firefox 3.5 has been here for a while now, and Firefox 3.6 awaits just around the corner to make an appearance, yet the guys over at Mozilla are already working on the development of Firefox 3.7. Considered only a minor upgrade for the browser, the 3.7 version is expected to land in March next year and bring around a series of visual changes to the Firefox that we know at the moment.

For the time being, however, it should be noted that these directions are only proposals, and that they need to be approved before being put into place. The changes in theme, states the Mozilla Wiki page describing what Firefox 3.7 might include, are not aimed only at the visual style, but will also affect UI placement and arrangement, as well as the evolution new features of the browser will register.

“As noted on the 3.0 Windows Default Theme Issues Wikipage, Firefox feels dated and behind on Windows. Especially Vista and Windows 7. These issues include absence of Glass, anemic purple toolbar color on Vista, tall and bulky UI footprint, element overload, inconsistent toolbar icon usage/style, lack of a tactile look & feel and perhaps too great of a divergence between the look on XP and Vista/7,” is what Mozilla Wiki states. More »

SpeedyFox is a free to use tool which lets you speed up firefox startup speed, faster navigation when browsing history, browse cookies more faster and in all the overall firefox interface much faster after running the tool.

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This small application actually compacts the size of the SQLITE databases which store a lot of setting related to your firefox profile, there by customise the databases light to load and ensure faster speed of operations in firefox.

It has a very basic interface, you just need to select the firefox profile you are using [ normally that is the default profile for many people ] after selecting the profile click Speed Up My Firefox button More »

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Yesterday, We posted about how can you tweak your firefox to speed up your browsing speed, today we are going to tell you more on tweaking firefox so that it consumes less memory and CPU usage.

Till now Firefox memory consumption is one of the major problem experienced by the users, the most common reasons behind high memory usage are primarily due to firefox themes and extensions.

Let see how to tweak your firefox to consume lesser amount of memory,

There are two ways with which you can use to tweak firefox to consume less memory and be more efficient and faster.

Method 1:

1. Open Firefox and type about:config in the firefox address bar, press Enter. More »

It’s been a long time now, we have not contributed any tips or tricks on firefox, After the release Firefox 3 many people have started using firefox.

Today, we have come up with the first part of the continued post on tweaking firefox and making it more faster for browsing and use less memory and CPU usage.

In this part we are going to tell you about how can you tweak your firefox to make it more faster in browsing sites.

Lets see how can tweak firefox to turn it into more faster firefox

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