Firefox 3.6.12 and Firefox 3.5.15 are now available for download to customers around the world, although the two releases were initially planned for availability in December 2010.

The fresh versions of Mozilla’s open source browser are part of the update process, although in this sense, their delivery is not in accordance with the browser vendor’s normal schedule.

Fact is that Firefox 3.6.12 and Firefox 3.5.15 are the equivalent of Microsoft out of band security updates.

While under normal conditions each new Firefox 3.6.x and Firefox 3.5.x release is a security and stability update, the latest refreshes are designed only to patch a vulnerability which older versions of the browser share. More »

With each passing day, it looks less and less likely that Mozilla will be able to pull off a new major iteration of its open source browser by the end of 2010.

Not counting the days left in October, there are now just two months until 2011, and the final milestone of Firefox 4.0 is nowhere in sight.

Mozilla has yet to announce officially that it postponed Firefox 4.0, but it is also bound to change the roadmap for the remaining development releases of the browser.

No telling yet just how the browser maker will handle delay, but chances are that Firefox 4.0 will slip in 2011, considering the amount of work that Mozilla still needs to get done before it will be able to wrap up the release. More »

Yes, there will be a Beta 8 release of the next major iteration of Mozilla’s open source browser, which is currently kin development.

Early adopters can now download and start testing an early preview release of Firefox 4.0 Beta 8, this despite the fact that Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 has yet to be launched.

Mozilla had initially planned the release of seven Beta Builds of Firefox 4.0, but it appears that the plans have changed.

With a Firefox 4.0 Beta 8 now cooking, it’s safe to say that the browser vendor managed to derail from the development schedule it made public when it announced the project earlier this year.

However, it’s important to underline that the Firefox 4.0 timetable revealed at the start of the development process wasn’t set in stone by any means, and that it could, and it did change. More »

Internet Explorer has been a distant third-string player to Firefox and Chrome for so long, we thought it could never catch up.

But with a slick new interface and enhanced Windows 7 features, IE 9 now in public beta just might put Microsoft back at the top of the browser game.

For the past four years, I’ve sung the praises of Firefox, going so far as recommending it in all of my books. I’ve used Firefox and, more recently, Google’s Chrome almost exclusively. But last week, a friend of mine started shouting online, “Ya gotta see this! Microsoft’s come up with some great new stuff!” My reply? “Yeah, sure.”

A few months ago, I played with an early beta version of Internet Explorer 9. It left me cold more of the same old IE stuff, piled higher and deeper. More »

While the second Beta development milestone of Firefox 4.0 doesn’t bring to the table changes on the same radical level as the first Beta, it does introduce a range of modifications to the user interface and a few new features. This is of course, part of the natural process of development. And although no aspects of the Firefox 4.0 project are set in stone, it is easy to now see the direction that Mozilla is heading in with the next major iteration of its open source browser.

Tabs on top are here to stay, this much is clear. I have seen negative feedback from long time Firefox users reacting to the UI overhaul suffered by Firefox 4.0, but it seems to have failed to deter Mozilla in any way from its plans. The browser vendor has now extended the new revamped design to the Mac OS X edition of Firefox 4.0 in addition to that of Windows, while Linux users still have to exercise their patience a tad longer. More »