A lot of the internet browser ‘full-screen mode’ feature to help you navigate through, but still offers the address bar, tabs, and using other mechanisms. Home Dash called Firefox 4 (running beta versions) without any toolbar add-in allows you to quickly search and navigation.

So how to navigate the screen without anything happening except on a page? Firefox logo in the upper left click or when you press CTRL + L is a control panel display.

This panel is a combination of URL and search bar and recently visited the site shows 24. Site’s name or search term you type in these 24 sites to match the changing or your past.

Download Home dash plug-in for Firefox 4 beta

And Tips and Troubleshooting for Home Dash

It has been more than a month since Mozilla delivered the last development milestone of Firefox 4.0.

This even after the open source browser vendor promised that with Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 out of the way, the remaining Beta releases would be nothing more than routine testing Builds which would not take as much to put together.

But it appears that the development process of the next major iteration of Firefox is still far from a simple walk in the park.

Mozilla has only now managed to deliver a preview of the upcoming Beta of Firefox 4.0, the eight release, just in case users have lost count by now. More »

Beta 6 continues to be the last fully-fledged Beta Build of Firefox 4.0 offered to early adopters, but testers can now also grab a preview of Firefox 4.0 Beta 7.

Mozilla has essentially made available the Release Candidate of the seventh Beta for Firefox 4.0, a nightly build, served to the Beta community through the browser vendor’s FTP servers.

Almost two months have passed since Mozilla launched the previous Beta, and in the process the Firefox 4.0 development was postponed considerably.

However, Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 will certainly be worth the wait. Testers will be able to notice a consistent increase in JavaScript performance, a boost in hardware acceleration and better HTML4 support.

Mozilla highlighted some of the changes that Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 will bring to the table, such as: More »

The browser cache temporarily stores images, scripts, and other parts of websites while you are browsing. This is normally a good thing because this enhances performance and load time.

The browser cache usually works behind the scene: you are unlikely to notice it even exists unless you feel like digging deeper.

But do you know that you can actually have quite a bit of fun viewing your browser cache? Do you know why and how you can clean it? Today’s tutorial is just about that: what you can do with your Firefox cache.

Viewing Your Firefox Cache

The cache statistics and directory location can be viewed in about:cache. Then: More »

With each passing day, it looks less and less likely that Mozilla will be able to pull off a new major iteration of its open source browser by the end of 2010.

Not counting the days left in October, there are now just two months until 2011, and the final milestone of Firefox 4.0 is nowhere in sight.

Mozilla has yet to announce officially that it postponed Firefox 4.0, but it is also bound to change the roadmap for the remaining development releases of the browser.

No telling yet just how the browser maker will handle delay, but chances are that Firefox 4.0 will slip in 2011, considering the amount of work that Mozilla still needs to get done before it will be able to wrap up the release. More »