Mozilla Firefox has become the most used browser these days. It stands as the most used browser around the world even beating out the IE. The main advantage of the Firefox is the millions of addons the browser have. I have heard loads of people saying that the Mozilla browser is not getting started quickly for the first time and even few say it is slow all the time. I do accept that the browser is pretty slow when the browser is started for the first time. There are certain ways which can make your Mozilla start faster than before. Here are some simple tricks can help you.

Clear all the History:

Storing your history and cookies can make your Firefox dumb so it is highly advised to clear all your History and Cookies when closing the browser. There is an option to do that automatically as well. More »

For me firefox is the best web browser. Firefox is faster, more secure, and fully customizable way to surf the web. Here’s some tips how to speed up your firefox 10 times faster.

Type about:config into the firefox browser and hit enter. After that, scroll down and found this entries and setup like this: More »

Speeding up Firefox seems to be a meme going around the blogsphere lately. Most of the tips I’ve seen, though, are only for broadband connections with the latest hardware and only include some of the settings that would affect performance.

The Firefox Tweak Guide has the full details on how to speed up Firefox regardless of your connection or hardware, reprinted in part below. Don’t forget that the easiest way to tweak user files is with chromEdit extension. More »

Mozilla applications render web pages incrementally – they display what’s been received of a page before the entire page has been downloaded. Since the start of a web page normally doesn’t have much useful information to display, Mozilla applications will wait a short interval before first rendering a page: by default, Firefox doesn’t try to render a web page for 250 milliseconds while it’s waiting for data.

If you use about:config to add the Integer preference nglayout.initialpaint.delay, and set the value to 0, Firefox immediately starts to display the page, even without complete data (lower values will make a page initially display more quickly, More »

At one time Opera was the fastest available web browser, that time has ended. By default firefox has its turbo features shut off due to an error it used to display with tables. Use the tutorial below to add 200shots of nos to firefox, and increase page speeds up to 4 times, making firefox the fastest browser.

1) Open Firefox and on the address bar write about:config and hit enter More »