Internet Explorer 9 is in a different league compared with its rivals when it’s “playing the hardware acceleration.” One of the key aspects of Internet Explorer’s evolution from IE8 is the introduction of hardware accelerated HTML5. The promise from Microsoft is that developers will be able to build entirely new HTML5 experiences that will rival desktop applications. But in order for users to leverage the novel HTML5 apps, they will need to be running a hardware accelerated browser such as IE9, one that takes full advantage of the GPU in addition to the CPU of their systems.

Microsoft has offered a comparison between Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 2, an early development milestone of Firefox 4.0 labeled Firefox 3.7 pre-Alpha 5 and Chrome 5 Beta Build 5.0.375.38. As users will be able to see from the graphics included with this article, IE9 Preview 2 has no match in the HTML5 hardware accelerated contest involving the Flickr Explorer sample released by Microsoft on IETestDrive, built with standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript and leveraging AJAX to grab images from Flickr. More »

1. Delete items from address bar history
While it’s very handy to have your recently visited pages autocompleted as you type, it’s not always desirable. Go to the address bar (Ctrl-L), start typing an address, and the drop-down menu will appear with the URLs of pages you’ve visited. You can highlight and delete these at will, for maximum privacy.

2. Protect your PC from malware
You don’t have to visit the seedy side of the web to pick up a virus – even the best social networking sites regularly host all kinds of malware. But you can reduce the chance of infection by installing NoScript. This handy add-on blocks Javascript, Java, Flash and other executable content from running unless you explicitly allow it, and is a great way to keep yourself safe online.

3. Speedily search for images
Browse Google images and your results are split into blocks of 21. But use CoolIris and you’ll get all your results displayed on a 3D photo wall, a much faster and easier way to find the images you need. It only works with some sites, unfortunately, but as these include Google, Flickr, Picasa, Yahoo, Photobucket, Facebook and MySpace then you’ll still have plenty to browse. Especially as it searches and displays YouTube videos, too. Give it a try. More »

At WWDC 2007 Steve Jobs previewed Mac OS X Leopard with a new background image that looked very similar to backgrounds used in the Windows Vista beta. This lead many testers to wonder why Apple picked a background almost identical to what Microsoft used in Windows Vista just years after the famous, “Redmond, start your photocopiers” campaign? The move has prompted others to start their own “Cupertino, start your copiers” slogans. More »

Hamad Darwish , the Flickr photographer commissioned to shoot Windows Vista wallpapers, has been busy over the last few weeks.
He’s appeared on Good Morning Kuwait, a TV show comparable (not in scale, but at least in name) to Good Morning America; Digg (3 times); the Al-Anba newspaper; Kuwait Clientele magazine; Softpedia;; the Official Windows Vista magazine and a Chinese magazine for the arts, which they claim to be the biggest in China. Apparently, he has also landed a contract with a photography equipments manufacturer and been commissioned to teach a photography course.

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