A few years ago who would have thought that one day we would be running around with tiny computers in our pockets and bags and instead of hard disc drives, we would be trusting huge volumes of valuable data to titchy microchips?

Okay, so maybe it’s not such a big surprise; most of us have grow up with solid-state memory and saw it coming a fair way off, but in the dash to ditch hard drives there’s one thing we may have overlooked. Hard drives and now incredibly reliable and we usually change computers long before the drives give out.

Solid State Drives or SSDs, on the other hand do tend to have shorter lives, especially in the early days. There are a number of factors that determine an SSD’s life expectancy including how long has been powered up and the number of read-write operations. More »

For those of you new to Windows, and with apologies to old hands, you may be interested to know that Windows stores the address of every web site you’ve ever visited, from the day you first switched on your machine.

This information is stored in a hidden and protected file that you can’t delete by any normal means. Some say this secret file, one of several called index.dat, was put there at the behest of the FBI but whatever its origins, the fact is your PC is spying on you.

There are ways to rid yourself of this unwelcome snooper and for the past few years I’ve been recommending a freeware program called CCleaner (CC originally stood for Crap Cleaner…), and that’s not about to change as the latest version 3 is released. More »

If you use a bitTorrent program to download MP3s, music videos, and other types of files from legal BitTorrent sites, then you may have found at times that your downloads can be painfully slow. To boost your file sharing download speeds, you can use a P2P accelerator program.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the freeware program, FeyAccelerator, to give your BitTorrent downloads a boost. This small program for Windows works between your P2P program and Internet connection. It is light on system resources and supports a large selection of BitTorrent clients.

  1. On the main screen, click the box on the P2P Run field and select the BitTorrent program you use from the list. More »

We are all creatures of habit and my guess is that you run through pretty much the same routine every day when you boot up your PC.

If you think about it you probably spend a couple of minutes each day loading the same programs, web pages, maybe even the same music playlists, so just think how much time you would save if it could all be done automatically?

Of course there are ways to get Windows to launch applications at boot up, but there is a better way and it’s called Start My Day. This nifty little freeware application fire up your favourite apps, web pages and media using a built-in alarm clock so, for example, if you like to listen to your favourite tunes or watch some videos with a cup of coffee at 11.00 am precisely, just tell Start My Day what you want it to do, and it will be done. More »

It’s fair to say that anyone who’s tried online backup for a significant amount of time would find it hard to switch back to doing backups the old fashioned way. Not only do you get the peace of mind of knowing that your data is encrypted and securely sent off-site, but it’s also done for you automatically.

You get to free up more time for yourself while improving the security of your most important data. And it only costs a few pennies per day. What more can a computer-guy ask for?

When it comes to restoring specific individual files or small amounts of data, online backup is fast and convenient. Just load up the application, pick your files and they’re back in your system fairly quickly. But if you need to restore an entire system from scratch, it might take much longer. (depending on your Internet connection) More »