Microsoft has confirmed an issue for customers running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 in which the platforms can corrupt disk volumes and lead to data loss on computers with HDDs larger than 2 terabytes (TB).

According to the Redmond company, in addition to running either Windows 7 or Windows server 2008 R2 on a machine equipped with hard disk drive with more than 2 terabytes of disk space, users also need to have the operating systems configured to save dump files to a volume on the HDD.

In this context, the results might end up upsetting customers, the software giant warned.

“Some data of the dump file is offset at a disk offset greater than the 2 terabyte address of the hard disk drive,” Microsoft informed. More »

Is Vista SP1 really the shot in the arm your Vista system needs? We’ve spent many hours strapped to our benchmarking system in a caffeine and pizza fuelled haze to uncover these very interesting results.

We tested Vista:

* as it comes out of the box (RTM — or “release to manufacturing”)
* as it comes out of the box, with all Windows Update patches applied (“RTM patched)
* with the final SP1 service pack applied

Testing Setup

Although Vista SP1 has many documented improvements, we aimed to test a particular scenario which has proved to be a major problem for pre-SP1 users: file copy speed, particularly over a network. More »