The long awaited, highly anticipated Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) will finally be available by Microsoft. For many, SP1 is the promise land for fixing those annoying performance, compatibility and slow file copy problems that have plague Vista since it’s release.

Only time will tell.

Regardless of what happens, pre-cautions should be taken to ensure a successful upgrade to Vista SP1.

Below are five steps you should follow BEFORE installing SP1, that should help with achieving a successful upgrade and ensure no data is lost. More »

This guide shows you how to install Windows Vista but leave the set up (user name and password, PC name, recommended settings, time zone, and firewall settings) to the soon to be user of that computer just like the major PC manufacturers like Dell and HP do.

This is great for when you install Vista on a computer for a friend or family member but you want to leave the set up to them.

– Install Windows Vista but stop at the first set up window (the user account creation window) also known as the beginning of Out of box experience (OOBE) shown below. More »

It’s been a long wait, but Windows Vista PCs are here. We evaluated the first batch of desktop systems preloaded with Microsoft’s new operating system — and the results of our exclusive benchmark performance tests show that even sub-£600 systems can ably handle Vista. But some of the new OS’s highly touted features aren’t present in these first Vista desktop systems.

Vista by default?

If you’re a creative planning on buying a PC after January 30, you may be destined to get Vista on your machine whether you want it or not. Of the four vendors whose systems we tested, each is taking a different approach to integrating Vista. Once the new OS ships, Dell and Gateway are switching exclusively to Vista for consumer desktops and notebooks. These two companies will also continue to sell systems running Windows XP, but only through their respective business divisions. Meanwhile, CyberPower and Shuttle will continue to offer XP as an option on their consumer systems. More »